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Afghan National Army Special
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Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC)

The Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) mission is to organize, recruit, man, train, educate, equip and employ all Afghan National Army Special Operations Forces (ANASOF) in order to conduct counterinsurgency operations in support of GIRoA's national security strategy. ANASOC has its headquarters and principle training area at Camp Commando on the outskirts of Kabul. There are two SOF brigades and ten Special Operations Kandaks stationed across Afghanistan. The kandaks are composed of Afghan National Army Commandos and Afghan National Army Special Forces.

Command. In early 2015 ANASOC was commanded by Major General Sayed Karim. The CSM was Command Sergeant Major Mohammad Wafa.

Organization. There are two Special Operations Brigades. There are ten Special Operations Kandaks (SOK); nine fall under the two SO brigades. The 6th SOK is the "national kandak" stationed in Kabul. Within ANASOC are also found a Military Intelligence Kandak and General Support Kandak. The School of Excellence located at Camp Commando (formerly known as Camp Morehead) is near Kabul and that is where the ANA Commandos and ANA Special Forces are trained. The Garrison Support Unit supports ANASOC headquarters.

Disposition. The 1st SOB kandaks are located in Kabul, Paktiya, Logar, Balkh, and Kunduz provinces. The 2nd SOB kandaks are located in Kandahar, Herat and Helmand provinces. The "national kandak" is located in Kabul.

Composition. ANASOC has more than 11,000 soldiers assigned to various units. The ten SOKs have about 800 soldiers each - composed of units with ANA Commandos and ANA Special Forces.

Uniform. The ANA Commandos wear unique maroon berets while the ANA Special Forces wear unique tan berets. The different color berets distinguish the ANASOC soldiers from the conventional ANA soldiers.

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March 8, 2016. "These are the 11,000 soldiers who might save Afghanistan", The Washington Post. Tim Craig writes as detailed article about ANASOC and the Afghan commandos units. While the crack troops are very effective with a low turn-over rate there are problems with the infrastructure at Camp Moorehead - base of the commandos.


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