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Book -"The Tender Soldier"


The Tender Soldier: A  True Story of War and Sacrafice

The Tender Soldier: A True Story of War and Sacrafice

by Vanessa M. Gezari,
Simon & Schuster, 336 pages


The book The Tender Soldier is about the Human Terrain Teams that deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The author examines the overall Human Terrain System and the Human Terrain Teams which used social scientists and others to help the military understand the Afghan society and culture.

The book can be purchased on at the link below:

The Tender Soldier: A True Story of War and Sacrifice

Book Reviews

September 1, 2013. "Good intentions lost in translation, complexities of war in Afghanistan". The Blade. A book review of The Tender Soldier by Rod Lockwood.

August 27, 2013. "To Reach Out, Befriend and Kill When Necessary: An Ever Tricker Terrain", The New York Times, Review by James Dao. The book examines U.S. counterinsurgency strategy.

August 23, 2013. "Send in the Marines - and the Anthropologists too?", book review by John Kael Weston, The Daily Beast.

August 17, 2013. "Review: The Tender Soldier", by Vanessa M. Gezari, Star Tribune.

August 16, 2013. "Vanessa M. Gezari on 'The Tender Soldier'", Chicago Tribune Printers Row Preview. Kevin Nance, a Chicago-based freelance writer, interviews Vanessa Gezari (author of The Tender Solider).

August 14, 2013. "Author Discusses Shortcomings of Social Science Program Introduced During the War on Afghanistan", St. Louis Public Radio. Audio interview of Vanessa Gezari.

August 14, 2013. "SLCL Presents Acclaimed Journalist Vanessa Gezari Today", Broadway World.


Learn more about the Human Terrain Teams here.


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