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Afghan War News > Insider Threat > Insider Threat References

Insider Threat References
(listed in chronological order)

ISAF Insider Threat Handguide 2.0, (June 2014)

COMISAF Insider Threat Tactical Directive, ISAF, 2014.

Insider Threat: A Real and Present Danger, COIN Common Sense, COMISAF Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT), Volume 4, Issue 1, 20 February 2013. . . ..pdf

Insider Threat Prevention Model (ITPM) Effective Practices, ISAF CAAT Special Report, 5 November 2012.

Threat Awareness and Reporting Program, Army Regulation 381-12, 4 October 2012.

Insider Threat Through the Afghan Lens, CJTF-1 HTAT AF02, 24 Sep 2012. Posted on JCISFA website, (Unclass/FOUO). 108 respondents from 18 kandaks in SoK area provide an Afghan view on IT.

Insider Threat Handbook Update, TRADOC G2, September 2012.

Inside the Wire Threats - Afghanistan: Green on Blue, CALL Handbook No. 12-07, Center for Army Lessons Learned, February 2012.

Green-on-Blue Smartcard, GTA 90-01-033, (FOUO), Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL), February 2012.

Insider Threat Handbook, US Army TRADOC G2, 4 October 2011.

CJ2 Information Paper: Combating the Insider Threat, NATO Training Mission Afghanistan (NTM-A), 4 August 2011

AWG, Radicalization Into Violent Extremism, Asymmetric Warfare Group Tactical Reference Guide 11-01781, Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), August 2011.

Insider Threats in Partnering Environments, Asymmetric Warfare Group, Tactical Pocket Reference, June 2011.

Insider Threats in Partnering Environments: A Guide for Military Leaders, GA 90-01-031 (FOUO), Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL), June 2011.

Linguist "Insider Threat" Smart Card

Papers and Publications about Insider Threat
(listed in chronological order)

Escamilla, Pete and Eric Lopez. “Securing the Security Force Assistance Advisors in Afghanistan”, Small Wars Journal, September 10, 2013.

"Facing the Insider Threat in Afghanistan", Army Magazine, September 2013.

Long, Austin, “Green on Blue: Insider Attacks in Afghanistan”, Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, June-July 2013. Paper examines Insider Threat within COIN context.

Hossain, R. Afghanistan: Green-on-Blue Attacks in Context, Institute for the Study of War (ISW), October 31, 2012.

Bordin, Jeffrey, Ph.D., A Crisis of Trust and Cultural Incompatibility, N2KL Red Team Study, May 12, 2011.

Videos about Insider Threat

COMISAF - General Allen Speaks on Insider Threat


Afghan War News > Insider Threat > Insider Threat References

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