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Documentaries on Afghanistan

Afghanistan Revealed: The Unknown Story of a Land. National Geographic, 2001.

Fictional Movies on Afghanistan

A War, a movie about Danish troops fighting in Helmand province, Afghanistan. The film uses English sub-titles but is easy to follow. The action depicted in this fictional movie is realistic and allmost all events that take place in the movie very likely happened hundreds of times during the Afghan conflict. Read a review of the movie at the link below.

Charlie Wilson's War. Starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. Directed by Mike Nichols, Universal Studios, 2008. A movie based on Congressman Charlie Wilson, a Congressman from Texas, who mobilized support within Congress and government for the Mujahideen who were fighting the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

The Wakhan Front / Ni le ciel, ni la terre, 2015. Directed by Clement Cogitore, producted by Kazak Productions. A fiction piece about 1 1/2 hours long. Watch the trailer on

Fun Videos on Afghanistan

The Bagram Batman. Bagram Batman ensures the safety of service members and civilians deployed in Afghanistan. See how he 'instructs' one absent minded Solider on what NOT to do. "INCOMING!"

News Reports on War Movies about Afghanistan

January 4, 2016. "This is the fictional war film which features real life soldiers", BBC Newsbeat. A war movie about the Danish military's involvement in Afghanistan.



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