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1st Security Force
Assistance Brigade

The 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) was formed up in the fall of 2017. It is a permanent unit with the primary role of advising foriegn troops. It was established at Fort Benning - the first of six SFABs to be formed up. It is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in early 2018.

1st SFAB Shoulder Patch and Tab

In May 2016 the Army announced that it is establishing six Security Force Assistance Brigades or SFABs. Five will be active duty units while one will be in the Army National Guard. The SFAB mission is to conduct training with the militaries of other nations - such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and some African countries. The new unit will institutionalize the train, advise, and assist mission. Advisory missions and units in the past have been temporary, ad hoc arrangements.

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1st SFAB Facebook

ATP 3-96.1 SFAB.

ATP 3-96.1 SFAB

The publication of he Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 3-96.1, Securiy Force Assistance Brigade is planned for January 2018. This pub will provide doctrinal guidance and direction for how the security force assistance brigade (SFAB) plans, prepares, and executes operations globally.

Mission.  The 1st SFAB is a new unit that is specifically organized and trained to enable combatant commanders to accomplish theater security objectives by training, advising, assisting, accompanying, and enabling allied and partnered indigenous security forces.

Allows BCTs to Re-Focus. Currently the Army's requirements for advisors and advisor teams in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere are filled - in part - by pulling personnel and elements from the Army's brigade combat teams (BCTs). With the creation of the six SFABs many of the advisory missions will be reduced for the BCTs. The SFABs allow the Army to reduce, over time, the deman for conventioal brigade combat teams for combat advising. This will allow BCTs to focus on readiness for warfighting against near-peer threats.

Manning. Each SFAB is going to be a reduced-sized brigade of approximately 500 personnel. Several numbers have been reported in the press but one that is consistently cited is 529. However, there are indications that the 1st SFAB is going to grow to over 700 personnel.

Once manning requirements are met, each of the "Combat Advisor Teams" (CATs) and Battalion Advisor Teams will have a FISTer. [1] Other specialities on the advisor teams include medical and intelligence specialists.

Physical Fitness. Brigade members are expected to be in top physical condition and must score 80 percent on the Army's physical fitness test.

Incentives for Personnel. The U.S. Army is trying hard to fill the ranks of the SFABs. A number of incentive programs have been established to attain this end. [2]

Special Promotion Category - SGT. The Army has created a SGT Special Promotion Category. Corporals (CPL) and Specialists (SPC) who have been boarded and are fully eligible for promotion will be awarded 799 points and promoted to the rank of SGT on the first day of the month following graduation of the Security Force Assistance Advisor Course (SFACC). [2]

AIP. Selected Soldiers will be eligible to receive an Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP) as long as the Soldier servies in the unit for at least 12 months.

Suspended PME Requirement. The rules for professional military education are suspended in certain cases in ranks of SGT through MSG.

Assignment of Choice. Following a tour with the 1st SFAB the Soldier can pick an assignment of choice for his next duty station or unit.

Framework of BCT. Each of the SFABs will also serve the function of becoming a fully-manned brigade combat team if needed to meet future requirements - such as a large-scale conflict. The 500+ man SFAB can form the nucleus of the command and staff of a BCT that is filled with lower ranking personnel.

NETT Warrior. SFAB Soldiers are training up on the use of the NETT Warrior communications and navigation device that attaches to the the front of their uniform.

Videos about the SFABs

October 23, 2017. Check Out the SFAB - LTG Townsend, DVIDS. The XVIII Airborne Corps Commander, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend talks Security Force Assistance Brigade and why Soldiers should volunteer to join.

May 4, 2017. Security Force Assistance Brigade, Army Human Resources Command (HRC).


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[2] Info from Volunteer for SFAB Assignment, Army (accessed November 1, 2017).

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