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"From the standpoint of America's national security, the most important assignment in your military career may not necessarily be commanding U.S. Soldiers, but advising or mentoring the troops of other nations as they battle the forces of terror and instability within their own borders."

The above quote from U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
addressing the Cadets at West Point in 2008.


Stringer, Lieutenant Colonel Kevin D., "The Missing Lever: A Joint Military Advisory Command for Partner-Nation Engagement", Joint Force Quarterly, JFQ 81, 2nd Quarter 2016, pages 86-91. Stringer argues that a joint military advisory command is needed to make the advising mission joint, specialized, and institutionally mainstream.

Healey, 1st Lt. Dominick, "Building Rapport: The History and Near Future of Combat Advising", Army Press, 2016.


Hajjar, Lt. Col. Remi, U.S. Army, "What Lessons Did We Learn (or Re-Learn) About Military Advising After 9/11?", Military Review, November-December 2014, pages 63-75.


Brooks, Michael G., General Editor, Eyewitness to War Volume III: US Army Advisors in Afghanistan, Combat Studies Institute Press, US Army Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 2009.


Grdovic, LTC Mark, "The Advisory Challenge", Special Warfare Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008, Vol. 21, Issue 1, pages 22-28. The author discusses the critical skills an advisor should have to include the importance of getting to know the counterpart, trust, respect, credibility and how to establish a relationship.


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