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Papers and Publications about Afghan Health


MEC, Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment in the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC), Kabul, Afghanistan, June 4, 2016.

UN, Education and Healthcare at Risk, United Nations, April 2016. In this 28-page report the UN analyzes the key trends and incidents affecting children's access to healthcare and education in Afghanistan.


United Nations Population Fund, State of Afghanistan's Midwifery 2014, December 2014. Report in conjuction with WHO, USAID and other organizations. . . . /midwifery_report_2014_.pdf


USAID, Afghanistan Mortality Survey 2010, November 2011.

News Relevant to Afghan Health

December 5, 2015. "Reported Gains in Afghan Maternal Health are found to be Implausible", by Rod Nordland, The New York Times. "One of the best ways to measure improvement in a nation's health is the maternal mortality rate, and American officials have long held out Afghanistan's striking improvement there as an important legacy of Western aid." Some say that USAID's reports of improvement are 'to good to be true'.

May 5, 2015. "Fixing Military Intelligence Gathering, but of the Medical Kind". By James Need, Cicero Magazine.

May 2, 2015. "Maimed Defending Afghanistan, Then Neglected". By Rod Nordland, The New York Times. Story about Afghan policemen who are maimed in the line of duty but then, due to corruption, receive little medical and no pension.

November 29, 2014. "WHO and the Government of Japan sign a partnership programme to combat tuberculosis in Afghanistan". World Health Organization.

March 6, 2014. "Cross border movements threaten Afghan polio eradication efforts". IRIN (United Nations).

Videos About Medical Care in Afghanistan

March 26, 2015. Afghan Patients Seek Treatment in Pakistan, Gandhara Blog. Afghan patients regularly endure strenuous journeys across the Durand Line to reack Pakistani hospitals because of a lack of faith in domestic health facilities.







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