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Afghanistan Guard Force (AGF) - 2004 Era

In early 2004 there was a plan to establish the Afghanistan Guard Force or AFG.  This  was a proposal to establish defense forces to complement the Afghan National Army (ANA). The new defense forces were to be trained and led by U.S. Army Special Forces.  1.  The U.S. military and Afghan officials agreed to establish the new militia to combat a growing insurgency in the south and east of Afghanistan.

The size of the Afghan Guard Force was to be about 2,000 men and included many different ethnic groups from existing Afghan Militia Force (AMF).  It was planned to be demobilized after two years once the Afghan National Army was bigger and more effective. 2.  Other reports indicated that it had a planned total strength of close to 6,000, would formalize a relationship with some Afghan Militia Force (AMF) elements, and provide a Pashtun rapid reaction force.  3.

Resistance to Concept of the Afghan Guard Force.  There was a lot of resistance to the establishment of this force from the international community as well as U.S. critics.  See testimony before the U.S. Senate by a senior Vice President of the International Crisis Group. 4.

Afghanistan Guard Force (AGF) - 2011 Era

There appears to be another organization called the Afghan Guard Force. This one has operated for a few years in Paktika Province of which not much is known.




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