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Community Based Security Solutions (CBSS)

(last update June 16, 2013).

The Community Based Security Solutions (CBSS) was established in early 2011 by ISAF Joint Command (IJC) in an attempt to provide standardization to the various local security forces developed by the different regional commands.

Prior to 2011 there were a number of local security forces funded through CERP by the regional commands to provide security for bases, facilities and local infrastructure.  RC East had a number of entities (AP3, etc.), RC North had the Critical Infrastructure Program (CIP), and RC Southwest had the Interim Security Critical Infrastructure (ISCI).  In addition, there were a number of other local security formations that did not fall under the Afghan MoD or MoI but were paid for by ISAF.

The CBSS program was an effort to bring all these disparate programs under one umbrella.  CBSS was also a response to criticism by the international community and the Afghan government about ISAF supporting "private local militias".  The intent was to transition these various units after a specific time period (one year?) through absorption into the ANA, ANP, Afghan Local Police (ALP) or demobilization.

The CBSS intiative was not as successful as it could have been.  While RC East embraced it other regional commands resisted it.  Some RCs decided to go with the ALP program bypassing CBSS (RC West and RC South) while some stuck with their original programs that were already set up prior to CBSS (RC Southwest and RC North).

The Community Based Security Solutions program has now been phased out. Some of the CBSS units were integrated into the ALP while others were disbanded.

Community Based Security Solutions (CBSS) Patrol

A patrol consisting of members of the 179th Infantry, Afghan National Army and a local Community Based Security Solutions (CBSS) unit in Laghman Province in January 2012.  (U.S. Navy photo by MC1 Bill Steele, 7th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)


News Articles about CBSS

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