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ANA 82mm Mortar

The 82-mm mortar provides indirect fire support to Afghan ANA ground units. It complements the fielding of the D-30 howitzer and 60-mm mortar.

Afghans fire 82-mm Mortar The 82-mm mortar is found in the Heavy Weapons Platoon of the Afghan National Army. It is a Soviet-style mortar. Use of the 82-mm mortar will allow the ANA to support their ground troops with indirect fire.

(Photo: Spc Nevada Jack Smith, 117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

Afghan Mortar Training. The ANA is currently advised by SFAATs and other advisor personnel on the functioning and employment of mortars in support of combat operations. In addition, the Afghan National Army is also conducting training courses for its mortar crews. 1  

Publications and Reports about the 82-mm Mortar

Jackson, Joseph A. Howitzers on High Ground: Considerations for Artillery Employment in Southwest Asia,  SAMS, Fort Leavenworth, KS: AY 2009.

Wood, MAJ Michael J. Wood, "82-mm Mortars: Working with Afghan National Army Mortar Teams", Fires Bulletin (Army), Mar-Apr 2010. Mr. Wood advised a Combat Support Kandak of the 1 Brigade 203rd Corps in Afghanistan.


Websites about the 82-mm Mortar

82mm PM 41 Mortar.

News Articles the ANA 82-mm Mortar

January 23, 2013. "Coming This Year to Afghanistan: Way More Artillery Strikes".'s Danger Room.

January 7, 2013. "Afghan National Army demonstrates excellence, graduates mortar training". Clarksville Online. 3/101 provides mortar skills to ANA at Camp Parsa.

November 1, 2012. "Bombs Away: Will Afghanistan's Artillerymen Learn How to Shoot Right?" This article high-lights problems that the ANA have in getting accurate fires on target and how SFAATs are working to improve the ANA fires capability.

October 28, 2012.  "Afghan Army Seeks Better Equipment, But Lacks Basic Skills". NPR.

August 1, 2012. "Australian soldiers train Afghan heavy weapons platoon on mortar coures". DVIDS.

Videos About Afghan 82-mm Mortars

June 13, 2013. "Afghan National Army's Mortars Prove Effective During Recent Operation in Sangin". DVIDS. . .

July 28, 2011. "Marines Test New Mortar System". DVIDS.



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1.  For more info on the Afghan Artillery Branch School see Afghan Army opens new artillery training center, NTM-A News, October 5, 2010 accessed here.





Afghan War News > Security > ANA > ANA 82mm Mortar

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