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Afghan War News > Countries > Estonia

Map of Estonia Estonia has been participating in the International Security Force Assistance (ISAF) in Afghanistan for a number of years.

Websites with Info on Estonia in Afghanistan

Estonian Public Broadcasting - News about Afghanistan

CIA World Fact Book on Estonia

Estonia by WikipediA

Estonia and Afghanistan Bilateral Relations - Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Estonia's Contribution in Afghanistan - Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Estonian Afghanistan Contingent by WikipediA

Estonian Ministry of Defence

Estonian Ministry of Defence - News Articles Relating to Afghanistan

News and Magazine Articles and Blog Posts on Estonia and Afghanistan

March 20, 2018. "Estonian troops to deploy to Afghanistan this May."

October 4, 2013. "Special Ops Unit Receives Honors". Estonian Public Broadcasting.

March 1, 2013. "Estonia to bring infantry company home from Afghanistan in summer 2014". Estonia Ministry of Defence.

December 26, 2009. "Tiny Estonia keen to make large contribution in Afghanistan fight". Stars and Stripes.

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