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Glossary of Terminology
Used in Afghanistan

The military community uses a multitude and variety of acronyms, terms, phrases, and expressions in its vocabulary. This is especially true in the Afghan theater of operations. Some terms, phases, and words are formal in nature while others are derived from common usage. This glossary is intended to assist those new to the Afghan theater or others unfamiliar with terminology or slang used by those working or serving in Afghanistan.

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The definitions provided in this Afghan War Glossary are from many different sources to include publications, documents, and personal knowledge. In some instances, there are several definitions or meanings to a word or phrase.

To suggest additional terms for the glossary or to correct any
inaccuracies send an email to

For those looking for terms or acronyms relating to the evacuation of
Afghans from Afghanistan since August 2021 see
Afghan Evac Glossary


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