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The military community uses a multitude and variety of terms, phrases, and expressions in its vocabulary. This is especially true in the Afghan theater of operations. Some terms, phases, and words are formal in nature while others are derived from common usage. This glossary is intended to assist those new to the Afghan theater or others unfamiliar with terminology or slang used by those working or serving in Afghanistan.

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G2. Intelligence or intelligence section at division or corps level.

G8. Group of Eight. An intergovernmental organization that orginiated in 1975 through informal summit meetings of leaders of the world's leading industrialized countries.

GA. Guardian Angel. See definition below.

GAF. Ground Assault Force.

GAGAS. Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.

GAL. Global Aerospace Logistics. Provides airspace service in the Middle East and South Central Asia.

GARFCOM. German Army Forces Command.

GAO. Government Accountability Office (U.S.)

GBI. Global Broadband and Innovation.

GBNT. Green Beret Nap Time.

GBS. Global Broadcast Service.

GBU. Guided Bomb Unit.

GBU-12. 500 lbs. laser-guided bomb

GBU-31. Smart laser-guided bomb.

GCC. Geographic Combatant Commander.

GCPSU. General Command Police Special Units.

GCCS. Global Command and Control System.

GCS. Ground Control Station.

GCSS-Army. See Global Combat Support System-Army below.

GDA. Global Development Alliance.

GDAP. Ground Defense Area Patrol. A patrol in a designated area in the immediate area surronding a coalition base in Afghanistan.

GDP. Gross Domestic Product.

GDoP. General Director of Personnel.

GDPDC. General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Centers.

GDP-ISAF. Georgia Deployment Program - ISAF. See Republic of Georgia in Afghanistan.

GDPSU. General Directorate Police Special Units. The special police units located in Kabul and elsewhere are advised by ISAF Special Operations Units. While most of the Afghan National Police (ANP) have been a dissappointment the GDPSU (primarily because of the advice, assistance, and training provided by ISAF SOF) have been a real success story. the GDPSU was redesignated as the General Command Police Special Units  or GCPSU (see above).

GEF. Guidnace for Employment of the Force.

Genghis Khan. The great conquerer marched through today's Afghanistan in 1220 conquering and destroying much of the country. The Mongols invaded Afghanistan twice in the past. Some jokingly refer to the Mongolian force protection unit assigned to guard the gates and perimeter of Camp Marmal in Maz-e-Sharif as the third Mongol invasion.

GEOINT. See Geospatial Intelligence below.

Geospatial Intelligence. Known by its acronym as GEOINT.

Geotagging. Geotagging embeds geographic information into a photo or document's metadata that can be used to determine where on Earth the photo was snapped or the document created. The location tools are often embedded in many of today's electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Of concern to the military is the geotagging capability of cameras. Often Soldiers will take a picture with a camera or smartphone and post it to Facebook; disclosing their location and possibly violating OPSEC.

GFC. Afghan Ground Forces Command. An entity forced upon the Afghans that will likely go away once we lose whatever leverage remains in our relationship. UPDATE: As of 2015 the GFC no longer exists.

GFST. Geographic Field Survey Teams.

Ghilzai. A large Pashtun tribal confederation.

GHZ. Ghazni province.

GIG. Global Information Grid.

GIRoA. Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

GIS. Geographic information system.

GLE. Governor Led Eradification.

Global Rapid Response Information Package (GRRIP). This suitcase comms package enables Soldiers to connect to the coalition network from anywhere in the planet. The GRRIP provides secure, beyond-line-of-sight voice, video and data communications without the need for local network infrastructure. The GRRIP will connect to CENTRIX-I through the WIN-T Satellite Network Operations Center at Fort Dix, NJ. Learn more in an news release.

Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army). This is a new information system that is improving warehouse, supply room, motor pool and propterty book operations in the Army.

GLOC. Ground Line of Communication.

GLT. Georgia Liaison Team. See Republic of Georgia in Afghanistan. The GLT are U.S. Marines assigned to assist in the training and preparation of Georgia military units to Afghanistan.

GMLRS. Multiple Rocket Launcher.

GMIC. Government Media Information Center.

GMT. Greenwich Meridian Time (Zulu Time).

GMT. Guzar Merbachakot Transporation.

GMTIF. Ground Moving Target Indication Format.

GoA. Government of Afghanistan.

GOBI. General Officer Bright Idea. The term is self-explanatory.

GOCO. Government Owned, Contractor Operated.

GOGO. Government Owned, Government Operated.

GoI. Government of Iran.

GOOD. Gender Occupational Opportunity Development.

"Good Taliban". From the perspective of the Pakstan government there are "good Taliban" and "bad Taliban". Good Taliban are those Taliban groups based in Pakistan that attack Afghanistan; such as the Haqqani Network, Mullah Nazir Group (South Waziristan),  and Hafiz Gul Bahadar Group (North Warziristan). The bad Taliban are groups such as the Punjabi Taliban, Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, and other groups that attack security forces and other targets in Pakistan.

GoP. No, not the Republicans; Government of Pakistan.

GO-TEAM. Generate & Organize, Train, Enable, Advice, and Mentor. Learn more here on NATO website.

GPF. General Purpose Forces.

GPI. Good Performer's Initiative.

GPOI. Department of State Global Peace Operation Initiative.

GPPO. German Police Program Office.

GPPT. German Police Project Team.

GPS. Global Positioning System. Replaced the map and compass.

Grand Council. Another name would be Loya Jirga. The Grand Council is convened for the purpose of adopting a constitution, choosing a new king (or leader), attending to emergency affairs, or discussing important national issues.

GRC. General Recruiting Command.

Great Game. The Great Game was a term used to describe the strategic rivalry between the British Empire and the Russin Empire for influence and control in Central Asia - mostly centered on Afghanistan. This period of time ran from 1813 to the early 1920s.

Green Beans Coffee. Lattes, smoothies, and expressos are available at some of the larger bases for Fobbits and others that might get a chance to visit a big FOB. Read more about the Green Beans Coffee and the effect it has on Soldiers morale.

Green-on-Green. An insider attack by an ANSF member against another ANSF member.

Green Village. Described by some who had heard stories that Green Village, an enclave for contractors in Kabul, is a little bit of paradise in an otherwise desolate country.

Green Zone. To the expats, high-ranking officers, State Department, USAID, and others the "Green Zone" refers to a small area of Kabul where ISAF, the embassy, ministries, and other important organizations live and work. Found there can be the delights of cafes, bars (as in "duck and cover"), restaurants, and an almost normal life. The "Green Zone" out in the rural areas refers to densely vegetated areas along side rivers where the Taliban like to launch IDF and SAF from.

GRINTSUM. Graphic Intelligence Summary.

GRRIP. Global Rapid Response Information Package. Provides communications and satellite communications connectivity. Good capability for very small units - fits in a suitcase.

Ground Hog Day. Everyday is the same. You wake up and do the same over again - every single day. Comes from the movie "Ground Hog Day" starring Bill Murray.

GPPT. German Police Project Team.

GRRIP. See the description above for Global Rapid Response Information Package.

GS. General Staff.

GSCC. General Support Contracting Command.

GSENG. General Staff Engineer of the MoD.

GSG3. General Staff G3 (Operations) of the MoD.

GSK. General Support Kandak.

GSPG. General Staff Planning Guidance.

GSU. Garrison Support Unit. In Afghanistan, the unit that takes care of the base, contract services, facilities, etc.

GSW. Gunshot Wound.

GTC. General Training Command.

GTM. Government Technical Monitor.

GTT. Georgia Training Team. See Republic of Georgia in Afghanistan. The GTT is made up of U.S. Marines who are are tasked with providing predeployment training to Georgian military units heading to Afghanistan.

Guardian Angel. A person designated to protect other people during Key Leader Engagements (KLEs), meetings, training activities, missions, operations, or other events with Afghan National Security Forces to prevent insider attacks.

Guardian. A designation of an Afghan who is a member of the Afghan Local Police.

Guerrilla Force. A group of irregular, predominantly indigenous personnel organized along military lines to conduct military and paramilitary operations in enemy-held, hostile, or denied territory.

Guerrilla Warfare. Military and paramilitary operations conducted in enemy held or hostile territory by irregular, predominantly indigenous forces. (AAP-6).

Gun. Usually referring to a mortar or artillery piece.

GVHR. Gross Violation of Human Rights.

GWOT. Global War on Terrorism. The never ending war. The phrase has fell into disuse for two reasons. One, President Obama wants you to think that we won the GWOT during his terms of office so we "don't say GWOT anymore". Two, we are in a fight against a global radical Islamic insurgency that uses terrorism as a weapon; so the GWOT is less than descriptive of the fight we are actually in and the enemy we face.


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The definitions provided in this Afghan War Glossary are from many different sources to include publications, documents, and personal knowledge. In some instances, there are several definitions or meanings to a word or phrase.

To suggest additional terms for the glossary or to correct any inaccuracies or broken links send an email to All external sites open up in an new window. 


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