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General Information

See also Security, Governance, and Development

Assessments and Reports of the Afghan War.

Afghanistan Digital Library.  New York University.

Afghanistan Military Guide.  Global

FRONTLINE by PBS.  Videos and documentaries on Afghan War.

Human Rights Watch.  Background on Afghanistan by year.

The Afghanistan Analyst.  An online resource for researching Afghanistan.

World Bank - Afghanistan.

World Defense Review.  Afghanistan.

UK and Afghanistan.  Official info on UK's involvement in Afghanistan.

Country Guides and Profiles on Afghanistan

Afghanistan.  Country Profile by Asia Society.

Afghanistan - A Country Study.  Library of Congress, 1997.

Afghanistan Country Guide.  By The Washington Post.

Afghanistan Country Profile.  BBC News.

Afghanistan Guide.  By National Geographic.

Afghanistan Overview. Empirical Studies of Conflict (ESOC). Princeton.

Profile: Afghanistan.  Journal of Mine Action.  James Madison University.

Afghanistan.  Journal of Mine Action, August 2005.  JMU.

College and University Resources on Afghanistan War

Academic Info.  Directory of online resources for Afghanistan studies.

American Institute of Afghanistan Studies.  Boston University.

East Carolina University.  The War on Terrorism: Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Harvard University.  Afghanistan - Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

University of California - Berkeley Library.  Afghanistan and the US: selected internet resources.

Informational Sites about Afghanistan

Afghan Legal History Project.  Islamic Legal Studies Program at Harvard.

Afghanistan.  Electronic Mine Information Network - E-MINE.

Afghanistan.  Asian Development Bank.

History of the War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Timeline.  BBC News.  Chronology of key events.

War in Afghanistan (2001 - Present).  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

War Report.  Archives of reports about the war by Commonwealth Institute.

Languages of Afghanistan

Languages of Afghanistan.  Ethnologue - languages of the world.

Pashto Dictionary.  Key phrases online by York University, Canada.

Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan.

Women in Afghanistan.  (internal web page).

Mines in Afghanistan

The Journal of ERW and Mine Action.

Publications about Afghanistan

ISAF Mirror.  Archives of a pub by International Security Assistance Force.

Beyond the Afghan Trauma: Russia's Return to Afghanistan.  The Jamestown Foundation, August 11, 2009.

Documentaries about Afghanistan

Hunting Bin Laden.  Public Broadcasting System (PBS) FRONTLINE.

Return of the Taliban.  Public Broadcasting System (PBS) FRONTLINE.

The War Briefing.  Public Broadcasting System (PBS) FRONTLINE.

General Information

AfPak Hands Program.  A program developed in the 2009 timeframe by the DoD to "grow" a group of military experts on Afghanistan and Pakistan

COMISAF Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT).  Established in 2009 as the Counterinsurgency Advisory and Assistance Team to provide COMISAF with a 'directed telescope' that would help him operationalize his intent for the counterinsurgency campaign at the tactical level.

Intelligence Support to Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan.  A collection of news articles, papers, and publications about intelligence activities and functions that support the counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan.

Weather Forecast for Afghanistan.  An internal page that will provide a variety of weather forecasts.

Peace Talks. With the departure of ISAF troops on the horizon in 2014 the coalition is concerned that the Afghan government will not be able to stand on its on against the insurgents.  With this in mind, attempts to come to an political settlement with the Taliban are in motion.  Read news reports about  reconciliation with the Taliban.

Information Operations.  Read news articles about Information Operations in Afghanistan.

Insider Threat.  In the past few years (2010-2012) many of the ISAF casualties have been as a result of members of the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) attacking ISAF members. This has been referred to a 'Green-on-Blue' attacks.


Books about Afghanistan

Books about Afghanistan

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