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Click for Kabul, Afghanistan Forecast

Weather Forecast for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Weather Map.  By

Weather Forecast for Kabul.

Kabul, Afghanistan Weather.  The Weather Channel.

Sunrise and Sunset in Kabul.

Herat, Afghanistan.  Current weather conditions by NOAA National Weather Service.

Kabul Airport, Afghanistan.  Current weather conditions by NOAA National Weather Service.

Gardez Weather.  By

Weather Map of Afghanistan.  By

Afghanistan - Current Weather Conditions.  National Weather Service NOAA.

Afghanistan Weather Information

The weather in Afghanistan is arid to semiarid.  There is not much rainfall and the climate can be called "dry".  There are cold winters and hot summers.  In the mountains one will find cooler weather in the summer and heavy snow in the winter.  The cities of Kabul and Bamiyan, because of their location in the mountains, are cooler in the summer than Herat, M-e-S, Kandahar and Jalalalabad.  In the south during the summer there are frequent dust storms.

Weather in Afghanistan.  By Lonely Planet.  This website suggests the best time to travel in Afghanistan is the spring or fall.  If going to the mountains then the best time is June to September.

Weather and Climate in Afghanistan.

Description of Weather found in Afghanistan.  by Maps of  Provides graphics that show average temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, and average wind speed throughout the year.

Geography of Afghanistan.  A lengthy description of the geography of Afghanistan and some info on the weather as well.  By WikipediA.

Temperatures.  Average high, low mean temperatures and average precipitation by month for Bost, Herat, Kabul, and Kandahar.  By Mother Earth Travel.




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