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Military Blogs about Afghanistan.

Afghan Hands Blog.  ISAF - Afghanistan.

Afghanistan News.  EUCOM Blog.

Frontline Bloggers - Afghanistan.  UK Forces Media

Websites Listing Blogs about Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Analyst.  A comprehensive listing of blogs by Afghans, Non-Afghans, and Military Blogs.

Afghanistan War Blogs.  By

Social Media and Websites on Afghanistan by Military

US Forces Afghanistan on Facebook.

ISAF Facebook

US Forces Afghanistan on You Tube. USFOR-A.

ISAF Facebook.

ISAF Twitter.

General Military Blogs (Not Afghanistan Specific)

Army Live Blog

Dormant Blogs about Afghanistan
No longer updated or active

30 Days Through Afghanistan.  Two Air Force dudes travel through Afghanistan for 30 days and write about it.  (Completed March 2010).

Afghan Regional Security Integration Command - South.  Training, mentoring, and advising the ANSF in support of OEF. (Last entry December 26, 2008).

Complex Topics.  A civilian trainer of the ANA blogs on Afghanistan. (Last entry October 30, 2009).

Helmand Blog - Afghanistan.  UK Forces Media. (Last entry July 30, 2010).

NTM-A Blog.  NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan. (last entry October 16, 2013).

UK Forces Afghanistan. (Last entry October 16, 2013).

USA and USMC Counterinsurgency Center Blog.  Combined Arms Center. It would appear that the US Army has taken this blog offline - and, in reviewing the organization chart for the US Army Combined Arms Center - the COIN Center no longer exists. Things that make you go "Hmmmmm".


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