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Map of Afghanistan

Maps of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Topo Map 1965

Maps of Afghanistan by CIA

Maps of Afghanistan by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Maps of Afghan Districts

Map of Taliban Controlled & Contested Districts by The Long War Journal
Controlled Districts of Afghanistan - Google Maps

Maps of Afghanistan for Sale

Afghanistan Maps for Sale.  A large variety of maps for sale about Afghanistan on to include terrain, road, geography, and administrative maps.

GeoC Afghanistan Map. By GeoCompanion GmbH.  The GeoC Afghanistan Map is a professional App for travel and expeditions. A comprehensive collection of GPS tools and a mission-critical offline GIS map of Afghanistan. Visit iTunes here to download.

Topographic Maps of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Topographic Map.  Institute for the Study of War.

Ethnic Groups and Languages of Afghanistan

Afghanistan's Ethnic Groups.  PBS Newshour.

Afghanistan's Ethno-Linguistic Groups.  Institute for the Study of War.

Pakistan's Tribal Areas.  PBS FRONTLINE.

Languages of Afghanistan.  Ethnologue - Languages of the world.

An Ethnic Jigsaw Puzzle.  The Wall Street Journal.

Map Quiz.  Name ethnic groups of Afghanistan.

General Maps of Afghanistan

Maps of Afghanistan. By Afghanistan Information Management Systems (AIMS).

Afghan Geodesy & Cartography Head Office (AGCHO). Mapping agency of the Afghanistan Government.

Afghanistan.  ReliefWeb.

Afghanistan.  United Nations.  (Acrobat Adobe PDF).


Afghanistan - Interactive Map.  Government of Canada.

Afghanistan Geographic & Thematic Layers.  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Afghanistan Map.  By National Geographic.

Google Map of Afghanistan.

Operation Moshtarak Map.  by BBC News.

Marjah Location Map by ESRI.

Map Depicting Battle Positions of Marjah Feb 15, NY Times.

Troop Deployments in Afghanistan.  The Washington Post.

Afghanistan Maps. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Three one-page sized maps to download - administrative, physiography, and transportation.

Maps Depicting Taliban Control and Influence

Map of Districts Controlled by Taliban. by The Long War Journal, October 5, 2015.

Taliban Influenced in Pakistan's Northwest.  The Long War Journal (2009).

"Heatmap" Visualization of Afghanistan.   A map created by programmers that use Wikileaks Data from 5 years of the conflict (2005-2009).  NPR Blog.

Websites Listing Collections of Afghan Maps

Afghanistan.  Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection.

Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS). Maps of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Map Centre.  ReliefWeb.

United Nations Food and Agriculture.  Afghanistan Maps.

Afghan Network.  Collection of regional and local Afghan maps.

Afghanistan Garmin Compatible Maps.  GPSFileDepot.

Afghan Maps.  Institute for the Study of War.

Comprehensive listing of Maps of Afghanistan.  Security Info Net.

Afghanistan Agricultural Maps.  UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Afghanistan Map Library. Civil-Military Fusion Centre (CIMIC)

United States Geogological Service. USGS Projects in Afghanistan.

Maps of Afghanistan with Specific Focus or Topic

Administrative Divisions of Afghanistan. The Embassy of Afghanistan, London, United Kingdom.

Aernautical Maps. Sky Vector

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - Maps of Afghanistan.

Map of Reconstruction Projects.  "Falling Down: The Race to Reconstruction in Afghanistan", The Washington Post, November 18, 2005.

Electricity. Transitional Energy Investment Plan, USAID, Sep 22, 2014.

Map Showing Assisted Repatriation in Afghanistan.  UNHCR (Mar 02 - Feb 07)

Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan.  Map by

USGS Projects in Afghanistan.  United States Geological Survey.

Geologic and Topographic Map Series.  1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle Map Series Viewer.  USGS Projects in Afghanistan.

Canadian Development Projects in Afghanistan.  Govt of Canada provides an interactive map.

National Geographic Map of Afghanistan.  National Geographic Store.

NOAA Satellite Image.  Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations.

Northern Distribution Network (NDN). Map depicts the NDN from Afghansitan to European seaports on the Atlantic. Found at Christian Science Monitor.

Agricultural Maps.  Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL).

Maps of Afghanistan.  By "The Soil Maps of Asia".  European Digital Archive of Soil Maps - EuDASM.  Maps depicting soil, topography, agriculture, geology, land use, land classification, hydrology, and soil profiles.

Polling Stations for 2014 Afghan Election. Independent Electoral Commission.

Road Map of Afghanistan. WikiProject Afghanistan Open Street.

Major Overland Route Map into Afghanistan. AIMS. October 2004.

Maps of Afghan Geography & Geology, Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Agricultural Maps of Afghanistan by Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

Relief. Depicts administration boundaries, hillshade, and relief (elevation in meters).

Livestock and Bovine Distribution.  Livestock distro, production and diseases.

Permanent Crops and Arable Land.

Land Cover. Depicts dry cropland, pasture, grassland, savanna, forest, & water.

Slope.  Depicts percentage of slope across Afghanistan.

Elevation.  Elevation of Afghanistan measured in meters.

Length of Growing Period.  Length of Afghanistan growing period by days.

Major Farming Systems.  Depicts highland mixed, pastoral, arid, and mountain.

Historical Maps

Map of Persia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan. 1892.

Maps of Asia

Map of Asia. Nations Online Project. Scale 1:48,000,000. Depicts land mass from Iran to Japan and Russia to Indonesia. Shows all border countries to Afghanistan.

Map of Central Asia. Nations Online Project. Depicts the countries to the north of Afghanistan - to include Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

"Where East Meets West". Afghan crossroads by National Geographic.

News Articles about Maps in Afghanistan

March 10, 2014."New Maps of Afghanistan Provide "Fingerprint" of Natural Resouces".USGS Newsroom.

October 7, 2011. "Afghan man works with Google to chart unmapped territory in Afghanistan".  CNN Tech.

July 26, 2011. Warfighters reap benefits of LIDAR mapping technology.  Defense Systems.

May 31, 2011. iPad proving invaluable for Marine Corps aviators.  Shephard News.

March 8, 2011.  Local experts helping map Afghanistan.  Geospatial World.

March 6, 2011. Local soldier's app helps fight in Afghanistan.  The Journal Gazette.

March 2, 2011. Agency Harnesses Technology to Aid Defense Interests.American Forces Press Service.

February 26, 2011. Land Warrior turns Dragoon MPs into Robo Cops.  DVIDS.

January 11, 2008. "NGA Supports Afghan Mapping Initiative". Directions Magazine. Article provides info on NGA support to the Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office (AGCHO) and the Afghan Mapping Initiative.


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