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Daily Read

This page will provide you with a few links to news sources on the conflict in Afghanistan with the intent to give you a daily dose of Afghan war news. This isn't a comprehensive listing of Afghan war news sources - for that go to Current News.


Stars and Stripes.  Military news about Afghanistan.

Army Times News. Current news by Army Times.

Afghanistan News. The Guardian (UK).

The Huffington Post.  Afghanistan: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News.

Afghanistan News. The New York Times. . . . /afghanistan/index.html

World Tribune. Afghanistan News.

Online News Sources, Magazines, and Publications

Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs News.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. Latest Afghanistan News.

Today in Afghanistan.

Small Wars Journal. Recent Articles.

Small Wars Journal - Blog.

Small Wars Journal - Current News Afghanistan

Afghan War News Twitter

Online Defense and National Security News Organizations

DEFCON Hill. The Hill's Defense Blog.

The Diplomat. Central Asia.

Fortuna's Corner. Afghan news reports.

Fox News.  Afghanistan.

Military Industry Today.  Afghanistan War News by EIN.

National Public Radio (NPR).  Afghanistan.

Real Clear Defense. Daily Afghan news updates.

Reuters.  Afghanistan news.

Task & Purpose

The Cipher Brief

United Press International (UPI).  War in Afghanistan.

War on the Rocks. Commentary and analysis on military topics.

Yahoo!  News page on Afghanistan by Yahoo News.

NGOs, Political, Policy and Research Organizations

Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS)

Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) Dispatches. - Operation Enduring Freedom

The Jamestown Foundation. Recent from South Asia.

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) - U.S. State Department

Security Assistance Monitor - Afghanistan

Resolute Support News on Afghanistan

Resolute Support News. Main page.

Resolute Support Twitter

Resolute Support Facebook- NATO in Afghanistan

Resolute Support Cdr's Facebook - General John Campbell

Resolute Support Casualty Reports.

Resolute Support DVIDS

Resolute Support News List.

Train Advise Assist Command - East. TAAC East Facebook

AFN Afghanistan Videos


NATO Press Releases.

NATO News.

NATO TV on YouTube

NATO News Videos Posted on YouTube

Military News Online - General Topics

U.S. Department of Defense - Top Stories

U.S. Department of Defense - News Releases Past 30 Days

U.S. Department of Defense - New Publication Releases

U.S. Department of Defense - DoD News

U.S. Army - Current Stories

U.S. Army - News

DoD Contracts


Defence in the Media Blog - UK

Army Publishing Updates - Army Publishing Directorate

Defense Video & Imagery Distribution Center (DVIDS)

DoD Issuance Updates

Joint Center for International Security Force Assistance (JCISFA)

DTIC Online - information for the Defense Community

Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI)

Department of State News Online

Department of State - DIPNOTE - Afghanistan

Embassy of the United States - Kabul Headlines.

Embassy of the United States - Kabul.
     Press Statements
     Press Releases
     Official Statements, Interviews and Fact Sheets
     Annual Reports
     Washington News

U.S. Department of State - Foreign Press Centers

USAID Afghanistan Facebook

Blogs on Afghanistan, SFA, & National Security

Best Defense, Tom Ricks, Foreign Policy

Sunny in Kabul. "Finding the silver(ish) lining in Afghanistan's Emerald City". All about Central Asia.

Security Assistance Monitor. By Center for International Policy.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) News

SOF News

Special Operations Forces (SOF) News

Special Forces History

Special Forces Training

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Report - SOFREP


"Hit the Woodline". Political & Military Satire.

Intelligence News

CIA News & Information

Open Source Center

STRATFOR Global Intelligence - Afghanistan

United Nations Organizations

Afghanistan. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

UNAMA News.  United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

UNAMA Afghan Headline News

Other Sources of News

CNA Analysis & Solutions

Public Intelligence

Government Attic

SOMNIA - Spotlight on Military News and International News - Canadian Forces College




Books about Afghanistan

Books about Afghanistan

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