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Blogs about Afghanistan


Afghan Lord. Commenting on political and social issues inside Afghanistan. By Nasim Fekrat.

afghanhindsight. A blog about propanda, conflict resolution, ANSF, Taliban, and development in Afghanistan.

South Asia Source - Atlantic Council

Feral Jundi. Blog on all things military and security contractors.

Foreign Policy Magazine - South Asia Brief

Free Range International

Gandhara. A blog on Afghanistan by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Just Security Law Blog - Afghanistan.

Michael Yon Online. A military correspondent blogs on his travels.

Radio Free Europe - Afghanistan Tag

Qishloq Ovozi - Central Asia - Radio Free Europe

Small Wars Journal. News and commentary about Afghanistan and other conflicts around the world.

The Captain's Journal. A conservative world view on matters military.

The Long War Journal. Reporting on the Global War on Terror (GWOT).

The Long War Journal. Tags Afghanistan.

War on the Rocks. Commentary and analysis on defense and war, Afghanistan tag.

Blogs on Defense and National Security

At War. Notes from the Front Lines. The New York Times.

Best Defense. By Tom Ricks, Foreign Policy Magazine.

Eurasia Daily Monitor. The Jamestown Foundation.

Kings of War. United Kingdom.

Marine Corps Gazette Blog

Max Boot. Military Historian and Foreign Policy Analyst.

Steven Pressfield Online

Dormant Blogs about Afghanistan and Military
No longer updated or active

Afghan Blue III. A National Guard Soldier on his third tour in Afghanistan provides insight into his Afghan experience. Serving on an SFAT as an advisor to an Afghan Border Police (ABP) unit. (Last entry 2013).

AfghaniDan, Part II. A young man's strange, erotic journey. (last entry 2014)

At War. New York Times Blog.

Bouhammer's Blog. Defense, military, and a little on Afghanistan.

Central Eurasia Standard. All Things Central Asia. (last entry 2014)

Afghan Journal. Reuters. Last entry 2011. Deleted from the Internet.

Afghan Quest. Blogging about a country ten minutes out of the stone age. (last post 2012). Now posting under Afghan Blue III.

Afghanistan. Foreign Policy Blog Network of the Foreign Policy Association. An exploration of Afghan domestic and international politics. (Last entry December 2013).

Afghanistanica. "An exploration of Afghanistan from a safe distance". Last blog post was 2009. Now marked "No Longer Available".

A Handful of Dust. On Afghanistan, Counterinsurgency, and Whatever Else We Might Fancy. Three Army LTs and two grad students blog on the war. (No longer available.)

Afghan Adventure. Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure. A citizen-solider blogs about his time in Afghanistan as a member of a Police Mentor Team (PMT). Circa 2006-2009. (Last entry 2009).

Afghan Regional Security Integration Command - South. Training, Mentoring, and Advising the ANSF in support of OEF. (Last entry December 2008.)

Afghanistan Without a Clue. A blogger posts about his one-year tour. (Circa 2006, no longer online).

Captain Cat's Diaries. A "peace builder" blogs about lack of progress. (Last post 2011).

Checkpoint Kabul. (last entry February 7, 2011).

Children in Afghanistan. The Afghan Child Project. (Last post 2010).

Circling the Lion's Den. "A glance at the conflict in Afghanistan." (Last entry 2013).

COIN Central. The Counter Insurgency Journal. (last entry 2011).

Complex Topics. A civilian trainer of the ANA blogs on Afghanistan. (Last post 2009).

Defense Tech - Afghan Update. Intersection of technology and defense. (Last entry 2013).

Embedded in Afghanistan. A military man blogs (2007-2009).

Exploring the Heart of Asia. The Narrative of Afghanistan. (Last entry 2008).

Ghosts of Alexander. Conflict and Society in Central Asia.

FaST Surgeon in Afghanistan. 909th Forward Surgical Team. (Last entry 2013).

Free Range International. Outside the wire, inside the loop. A security contractor blogs about the war. (Last post 2012).

Ghosts of Alexander. Conflict and Society in Central Asia.

Greg Mortenson's Blog. Author of Three Cups of Tea. (Last post 2011).

Harry Rud. An aid worker in Afghanistan blogs. (Last post 2010).

Hazaristan Times. A blog by and about Hazaras of Afghanistan. (Last post 2011).

Ink Spots. Blog posts on Afghanistan. (Last post 2012)

Kabul Perspective. Perspective of a journalist from Kabul. (Last post 2012)

Knights of Afghanistan. A security manager blogs about the war. (Last post 2010).

Michael Huges - Afghanistan Headlines Examiner

Miserable Doughnuts. Military members blog on "The Doughnut of Misery". (last entry 2018)

Mudville Gazette. Milblog Headquarters.

[My] State Failure Blog. International Relations and Afghanistan. (last post 2011)

Rajiv Srinivasan Blog. (last entry 2012). Central Asia News. (with an Afghan tag).

Rethink Afghanistan

The Afghan Analyst

The Kabul Cable. A military man spends a year in Afghanistan (2012-2013); blog by anAfghan Hand. (Taken offline).

Yale Afghanistan Forum. (last entry March 2012).

Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping. A Kiwa human rights advocate with time in Afghanistan. "Lessons in life, love and letting go from the mountains of Afghanistan". (Last post 2010).

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Books about Afghanistan

Books about Afghanistan

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