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News Articles about Information Operations in Afghanistan

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February 16, 2018. "Winning the War of Perceptions in Afghanistan & Beyond", by Arnel David, Real Clear Defense. Weaker adversaries (Taliban insurgents) effectively use disinformation and speed of action to control the narrative.


May 1, 2016. "No Microphone for the President: Can Radio Television Afghanistan still become a public service broadcaster?", Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), by Jelena Bjelica. Attempts to transform RTA into a national media arm of the government has not yet happened.

April 2, 2016. "Taliban Develop Smartphone App to Advance Propaganda Efforts", Bloomberg News.

February 8, 2016. "Marketing Against ISIS: US State Department Enlists Students to Fight Terror", VICE News.

January 21, 2016. "IS radio beams propaganda, threats across rural Afghanistan", Fox News. The Islamic State's radio station is on the air 90 minutes each day in eastern Nangarhar province.

Janaury 6, 2016. "War of Ideas: From the Taliban to the Islamic State", War on the Rocks. Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Eric T. Olson provides his perspective on what might be the most critical part of a campaign to defeat insurgent and terrorist forces.


November 26, 2015. "The Muslim Media Mogul Standing Up to ISIS and the Taliban", The Daily Beast. The owner of Moby Group and the subsidiary Tolo is threatened for exposing Taliban atrocities.

November / December 2015. "Digital Counterinsurgency", Foreign Affairs. Jared Cohen tells us how to marginalize the Islamic State Online.

October 2, 2015. "U.S. Must Revamp Its Approach to the 'Battlefield of Perception", by Steven Metz, World Politics Review.


December 3, 2014. "In Recent Battles, the U.S. Has Forgotten How to Tell Its Side of the Story. It Must Remember". Defense in Depth Blog - Council on Foreign Relations, an article by Captain Robert Newson.

November 17, 2014. "Nangarhar public affairs shura includes ANSF pillars and provincial government". DVIDS.

November 16, 2014. "How the Taliban and a cow prove Afghanistan loves social media". Global Post.

November 11, 2014. "Afghan soldiers honored at graduation". ISAF News. Some ANA soldiers recently graduated from the Afghan Information Dissemination Operations (AIDO) course. It is a three-week program that teaches the principles of effective tactical and operational messaging.

October 27, 2014. "Afghan Social Media Summit 2014 becomes talk of town". Central Asia Online.

March 18, 2014. "Afghan security ministries, ISAF partner to create security news desk". ISAF News.

February 27, 2014. "Pentagon wants contractor to pick propaganda audiences". USA Today. USSOCOM's Global Research Assessment Program.

February 13, 2014. "No news is good news from Afghanistan". USA Today.

February 13, 2014. "Senator presses Afghanistan commander on critical audits". USA Today. Questions on ISAF IO campaign agains SIGAR.

January 26, 2014. "False Claims in Afghan Accusations on U.S. Raid Add to Doubts on Karzai". The New York Times.


August 21, 2013. "#WarofWords: As ISAF pulls back on social media attack, Afghans jump in".  Stars and Stripes. ISAF no longer engaging the Taliban in tweets.

July 24, 2013. "House fails to kill Pentagon's foreign websites". USA Today. A $20 million program funds projects such as the Trans Regional Web Inititive by USSOCOM.

July 19, 2013. "Afghan officer strives to tell army story". Regional Command East. A public affairs officer with 4th Brigade 203rd Corp ANA in Logar talks about his career.

June 11, 2013. "Positive Spin? Some messages from military not entirely accurate". Stars and Stripes. Article states that ISAF paints a less than complete picture of conflict.

May 23, 2013. "Report raps military propaganda efforts as ineffective". USA Today. Report by Tom Vanden Brook.

May 16, 2013. "Guerilla IO: The SFAT Advantage". Small Wars Journal. CPT Adam Harrison believes that SFAATs have the ability to conduct influence operations.

May 13, 2013. "In Afghanistan, Taliban Release 4 of 8 Turks in an Image Offensive". The New York Times. The Taliban polishes its image.

February 7, 2013. "The Military's Inform, Influence and Confuse Activities". American Security Project. The new FM for IIA causes confusion in the IO world.

February 7, 2013. "Pentagon gearing up to fight the PR war". The Washington Post. Report on the new Inform and Influence Activities Army field manual.

February 2, 2013. "Propaganda programs hard to justify, Panetta says". USA Today.


December 31, 2012. "Suspension lifted for DoD propaganda contractor". Marine Corps Times.

December 8, 2012. "Navy pares back strategic communication units". Navy Times.

November 4, 2012. "U.S. Handoff in Afghanistan Includes Radio Training". News article about Radio in a Box (RIAB) at FOB Shank in Afghanistan.

October 26, 2012. "Psy-ops: Tuning the Afghans into radio". BBC News.

October 26, 2012. "15 Psychological Operations Group have been awarded the Firmin Sword of Peace in recognition of their work in Afghanistan". UK Ministry of Defence.

September 15, 2012. "Pashtun Awakening: Defeat the Taliban by Changing The Narrative - Analysis". Eurasia Review News & Analysis.

September 14, 2012.  "Anti-Western Messages Grow Among Afghanistan's Imams". e-Ariana.

July 5, 2012. "Pentagon keeps ties to embattled contractor". Navy Times. Leonie Industries under fire.

June 11, 2012. "War Study: Troops Had Bad Intel, Worse Spin". Danger Room on U.S. military fails to tell its story to Iraq and Afghan public.

June 11, 2012. "Pentagon probes Leonie's taxes, treatment of Afghan workers". USA Today. Top propaganda firm getting probed.

Spring 2012. "U.S. Military Has Struggled to Retain Afghan Support Since 2006". Rand.

May 25, 2012. "Propaganda firm owner admits attacks on journalists". Stars and Stripes. Pentagon contractor, Leonie Industries, admits smear campaign.

May 22, 2012. "GAO auditing Pentagon information operations campaigns". Stars and Stripes. A federal audit of MISO questions cost, merit and effectiveness.

May 9, 2012. "Afghan National Security Forces develop Information Operations". DVIDS. Afghans learn about IO at Camp Marmal, RC North.

April 20, 2012. "Pentagon Propaganda Campaign Targeted Reporters Asking About Propaganda". Atlantic Wire.



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