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The military community uses a multitude and variety of terms, phrases, and expressions in its vocabulary. This is especially true in the Afghan theater of operations. Some terms, phases, and words are formal in nature while others are derived from common usage. This glossary is intended to assist those new to the Afghan theater or others unfamiliar with terminology or slang used by those working or serving in Afghanistan.

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K-2. See Karshi Kahnabad entry below.

Kabul Bubble. See "Kabubble" below.

"Kabul Cabs". With the deteriorating security situation in Kabul (IEDs, assassinations, etc.) the diplomatic community and Resolute Support HQs has resorted to flying personnel in and around the city and to and from the Kabul airport by helicopter. Evidently after spending billions of dollars and 14 years of assistance the Afghan security forces are still unable to secure the 1 1/2 mile stretch of road from the U.S. Embassy (and RS HQs - formerly ISAF HQs).

Kabubble. A term used by expats who live and work in Kabul to describe that area of Kabul that is relatively safe from the war and insurgent attacks. Or that used to be safe.

Kabul. The capital of Afghanistan.

Kabul Solidarity Programme (KSP). This program aims to provide basic services where construction has taken place in unplanned areas and legally bring them into the government's fold.

KACC. Kabul Area Control Center.

KAF. Kandahar Air Field located just outside of Kandahar city in southern Afghanistan.

KAIA. Kabul International Airport. The airport has a civilian terminal on one side of the airfield and a military terminal on the other side of the airfield.

KAN. Kabul Attack Network.

Kandak. The Afghan word for battalion. Depending on the type of kandak - there are about 500 to 800 men assigned.

Karshi Kandabad. Sometimes referred to as "K2" - the initial location of Task Force Dagger and later the HQs of 10th Mountain Divison as well as SOTF North during the early days of the Afghan War (2001-2002).

KAU. Kandahar Auxilliary Unit. A militia group of Afghans with some loyalty to the government and more loyalty to their sponsors.

KBCC. The Khyber Border Coordination Center is located at the Torkham Gate area of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in eastern Nangarhar province. The KBCC is run by the Afghan Border Police (ABP). The KBCC was established to conduct coordination with Pakistani representatives. Liasion offiers from the ABP, ANA, ANP, and other organizations work together to exchange information and resolve border disputes.

KBR. Kellogg, Brown, and Root. A large firm providing military support services in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.

KCP. Kabul Capitol Police.

KDK. Abbreviation for kandak. See kandak above.

KDZ. Konduz, located in northern Afghanistan.

KG. Kabul Garrison.

KGC. Kabul Garrison Command.

Khan. Meaning ruler, an important notable with a large following. In the Pashtun areas a kahna is the leader of a tribe.

Khyber Joint Border Control Center (KJBCC). An organization composed of coalition, Afghan and Pakistan representatives that exist to reduce border tensions.

Khorasan. An ancient term that describes a geographical area that includes Afghanistan and Pakistan.

KIA. Killed in Action.

Kinetic. An area that sees a lot of enemy action.

KJBCC. See Khyber Joint Border Control Center above.

KKA. Ktah Khas. An Afghan special operations unit. Consisting of slightly less than one thousand personnel, it conducts direct action raid operations for the Ministry of Defense (MoD) utilizing national level intelligence. It is also referred to as the Afghan Partnering Unit or APU.

KLE. Key Leader Engagement. A deliberate, planned and focused interaction with an Afghan key leader to achieve a desired effect or outcome. The term KLE came into such use that many ISAF personnel began calling any meetings with Afghans a KLE.

Kletocracy. Look no further than the Karzai regime. He stole his country blind.

KM. Kilometer.

KMTC. Kabul Military Training Center - located north of Kabul on the Jalalabad road.

Kochi. (or Kuchi). A nomadic tribe found in eastern and southern Afghanistan.

Koran Burnings. In February 2012 a group of U.S. Soldiers at Bagram Air Field burned some Korans in a waste disposal area. Some Afghan base workers saw this and riots erupted across the country. Read more on the Koran burning at Bagram.

Korengal Valley. Located south of the Pech River in the Pech District of Kunar Province in northeast Afghanistan, the Korengal Valley was nicknamed "The Valley of Death".

KPA. Kabul Police Academy.

KPF. Khost Protection Force. An Afghan paramilitary group supported and directed by the Central Intelligence Agency. See Khost Protection Force.

KRCC-A. Kabul Regional Contracting Center - Afghanistan.

KSAA. Knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes of individuals on a training or advisor team. The collection of KSAA of individuals adds to the collective ability of the team.

KSF. Kandahar Strike Force. A proxy force working with (for) a U.S. organization conducting surgical strikes in Afghanistan in southern Afghanistan.

KSS. Kabul Surveillance System.

KTD. Key Terrain District.




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The definitions provided in this Afghan War Glossary are from many different sources to include publications, documents, and personal knowledge. In some instances, there are several definitions or meanings to a word or phrase.

To suggest additional terms for the glossary or to correct any inaccuracies or broken links send an email to All external sites open up in an new window. 


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