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Afghan Evac Glossary

A listing of terms and acronyms associated with the evacuation of American citizens, LPRs, and at-risk Afghans with SIVs from Afghanistan since August 2021.

AMCIT. American citizen.

AEA. Afghan Evac Alliance. An umbrella organization that includes over one hundred volunteer organizations assisting in the evacuation and resettlement of Afghans from Afghanistan.

BC. Battle Captain. A term used by some Afghan evac organizations to coordinate evacuation of Afghans from HKIA in August 2021.

CEAC. Consular Electronic Application Center. An online application platform.

CBP. Customs Border Protection. Part of the Department of Homeland Security.

CONUS. Continental United States.

DoD. Department of Defense.

DHS. Department of Homeland Security.

Doha. Capital of Qatar.

DoS. Department of State.

EHC. Emirate Humanitarian City in UAE.

EOA. Evacuate Our Allies. A resettlement focused organization.

F-1. Student visa. Secondary and below.

FLD. Front Line Defender.

HC. Humanitarian City in UAE.

HKIA. Hamid Karzai International Airport. Now just referred to as the Kabul Airport.

HP. Humanitarian Parole.

HRF. Human Rights First.

HVT. Highly Vulnerable Traveler. A high value target from the Taliban perspective.

HRD. Human Rights Defender.

K-1. Fiance visa.

LPR. Lawful Permanent Resident. An Afghan with a 'green card' that entitles him to live in the United States.

MC. Movement Coordinator. Someone from a volunteer organization that coordinates movement of Afghans from Afghanistan to a lily pad, third country, or the United States.

NOLB. No One Left Behind. An evacuation and resettlement organization formed years ago to assist Afghan interpreters.

OCONUS. Outside of Continental United States.

P-2. Priority 2 referral to USRAP. (Not a visa).

RFI. Request for Information.

SIV. Special Immigrant Visa.

SME. Subject Matter Expert.

TB. Taliban.

UAE. United Arab Emirates. Location of Emirate Humanitarian City or EHC.

USCIS. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Where the initial visa petion is filed.

USRAP. United States Refugee Admissions Program.


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