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How to Help Evacuees

There are numerous private organizatons that exist or are currently being established to assist Afghans with leaving Afghanistan or resettling in the United States. Some are reputable while others are scams to take your money. These newly established organizations have no real desire to buy an airline ticket, provide housing, or meals.

Private Sector Initiatives. What is also very obvious are the private sector intiatives both formal and informal to assist Afghans in their quest to leave the country. Social media is flooded with requests for help as well as people, businesses, and organizatons in the private sector who are providing assistance. Some are attempting to evacuate Afghans from Afghanistan while others are setting up support mechanism in the United States.

Informal Networks. There are a number of informal networks of people from government, military, business, and other organizations that have formed up to assist the Afghans. These current and former intelligence analyts, journalists, service members, aid workers, diplomats, contractors, and others are taking vacation day or working after hours to assist in the overall effort.

SOF Network. Many of the firms that provided services to the DoD and other organizations were established by former members of the special operations community. These organizations have reached out to the SOF community for financial support and are actively and successfully evacuating Afghans that are at risk who have worked with the SOF community during the 20-year long conflict. Other "SOF" organizations not associated with SOF-run business entities have formed up as well. They are also assisting in the evacuation, relocation, and support of Afghans who are at risk.

Chartered Aircraft. Several organizations, corporations, and others have chartered planes to fly to Kabul to assist in the evacuation of selected individuals (past acquaintances, employees, etc.) or people in general. However there are reports that the U.S. military is not allowing chartered aircraft to land. This could be because of the security situation or because the U.S. military aircraft are departing Kabul half empty. There may be attempts by these private endeavors to land in other areas of Afghanistan.

The following organizations are
involved in evacuation and / or relocation efforts
(listed in alphbetical order)
(buyer beware - listing of org is not an endorsement)

Afghan Evacuation Coordination Team. The  AECT is an organization of ex-officials, aid workers, and volunteers working to evacuate US and at-risk Afghans through non-governmental chartered flights.

Allied Airlift 21

Ark Salus
This organization (SOF centric) is working efforts related to immediate rescue action as well as long term advocacy for their Afghan brethen.

Association of Wartime Allies

Digital Dunkirk - Afghan Evac

Exit SOS - Afghanistan

Hearts & Homes for Refugees - SIV Advocacy

Human Rights First - Official Afghan Evacuation Data Collection Form

International Women's Media Foundation

International Refugee Assistance Project

No One Left Behind (NOLB)
NOLB is a non-profit organization that, since it was established in 2014, is the only group focused solely on reforming the Special Immigrant Visa program and providing critical financial and other resettlement support for Afghan and Iraqi interpreters.

Plan B - Afghan Rescue Crew (ARC)
The ARC is a private group of American veterans and civilians volunteering to assist at-risk Afghan allies left behind in Afghanistan. The are assisting interpreters, families of Americans, former judges, prosecutors, defense contractors, democracy and womens's rights activists, staff of NGOs, and members of Christian and other religious minorities in extreme danger.

Raven Advisory, LLC.
One emergency Afghan rescue mission is a collaborative effort between U.S. veterans, philanthropists, Veteran advocates, and the private sector, designed to rescue Afghan llies at imminent risk of being killed by the Taliban. The operation begins with extraction and ends with resettlement. Learn more about Operation Flyaway.

Society 76. An all volunteer organization working to connect any of those affected by current Afghanistan events to the right resources. "Get Help", "Give Help", "Resources". - General Email - Evacuation Request Line

Team America. This organization provided information for AMCITs, LPRs, and Afghans on having proper documentation and some guidance on how to get through the gates of the Kabul Airport. The organization has refocused on providing assistance and relief to those Afghans who have reached the United States or who are still making their way towards the United States. It is now known as Team America Relief. See "Team America has success evacuating Afghans, seeks help as requests grow", by James R. Webb, Military Times, August 18, 2021.

Task Force 6:8. The Save our Allies coalition was founded by Chad Robichaux of Mighty Oaks Foundation and Sarah Verado of The Independence Fund. This coalition and other veterans went on to establish Task Force 6:8. Read a press release on Save Our Allies. Read more about Task Force 6:8.

Visas for Afghans. An unofficial site has been established to help Afghans (and those supporting them) to find what visa they might be able to get.

A national effort to welcome and support Afghan families as they build new lives in communities across America.

Women for Afghan Women

References and Resources

Resource Compilation: Protections for Afghans and Responding to the Humanitarian Crisis. This "crowd sources" Google Doc offers methods of supporting Afghan evacuees to include sponsorship, legal assistance, housing, and more.

Tips for Afghan Academia and Students. The academic world seems to have methods of saving the safely store academic documents for refugee and at-risk people. The University of California at Davis has a site called "Backpack: Universal Tool for Academic Mobility". Read more in "A UC-Davis Professor's Mission: Saving Academic Credentials in Afghanistan", The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 31, 2021.

Types of Visas. There are many types of Visas. One that may be useful for Afghans seeking to enter the United States is the family reunification visa.

A Call to Action - Evacuation Assistance in Afghanistan. How to contact your Congressional represenative and other ways to help. "Silent Professionals".

Other Countries

Canadian Interpreters. One organization is assisting Afghans who helped out Canada over the past two decades. It is a grassroots advocacy and support group called Afghan-Canadian Interpreters.

Finland. FAQ by Finnish Immigration Service and how to apply for an entry permit from Afghanistan.


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