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Flights from Kabul Airport

Now that the noncombatant evacuation operation from Kabul airport has concluded (last day of August) the means for leaving Afghanistan is very slim. There have been limited flights carrying Americans out of the country from the Kabul airport as well as limited airplanes flying from Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan.

Turkish and Qatari technicians have restored the Kabul airport so that it can operate domestic commercial flights as well as some international charter and humanitarian flights. The involvement of Turkey in airport operations shows that the country is independent of Western and NATO influences and ready to play a leading role in the affairs of non-aligned nations. Qatari security personnel have been providing security on the airstrip and in certain parts of the airport.

Commercial Flight Schedule

Kam Air KMF 901. This flight departing Kabul for Dubai leaves almost daily at 1500D.

Kam Air KMF 903. This flight departing Kabul for Abu Dhabi leaves almost daily at 1500D.

Ariana Afghan Airlines AFG 401. This flight departing Kabul for Dubai leaves almost daily at 1530.

Ariana Afghan Airways AFG 1417. Kabul to Jeddah (every three to five days?)

Other Reocurring Flights

Moalem Aviation. A periodic flight departing Kabul for various destinations.

Mahan Air IRM1102. Departs Kabul for Tehran.

Log of Flights from Kabul Airport

In a press conference held on Friday, September 24, 2021, U.S. Department of State press spokesman Ned Price said:

"Since August 31st, a total of 85 U.S. citizens and 79 lawful permanent residents have departed Afghanistan with our assistance. That includes four Qatar Airways charter flights that have departed Kabul with a total of 78 U.S. citizens and 66 lawful permanent residents. Additionally, since August 31st, seven U.S. citizens and thirteen LPRs have departed Afghanistan with our assistance via overland crossing."

The Kabul flights have been limited to chartered aircraft flown by Qatar Airways. The Qatari officials coordinate these flights with the Taliban regime. The U.S. State Department and other foreign nations coordinate with the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs to manifest passengers on these Qatar Airways flights.

Qatar Airways. The first flight was on Thursday, September 9 on a Qatar Airways charter plane that took foreign nationals as well as Americans to the Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. This flight carried 113 passengers from the nations of Canada, United States, Ukraine, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The passengers cleared customs in Doha and were taken to a compound in Doha housing Afghan evacuees and refugees.

Qatar Airways. A second flight took place on Friday, September 10. This Qatar Airways flight carried 158 passengers including U.S., German, Canadian, French, Dutch, Belgian, and Mauritanian citiizens. Nineteen U.S. citizens were on this flight.

Qatar Airways. A third flght left Kabul, Afghanistan on Friday, September 17. This Qatar Airways flight was also chartered and facilitated by Qatari diplomatic officials and airport technicians. According to the State Department there were 28 U.S. citizens and 7 lawful permanent residents on board.

Qatar Airways. A fourth flight left Kabul on Sunday, September 19th, according to a press statement by the U.S. Department of State. A Qatar Airways flight departed Kabul on Sunday with 21 U.S. citizens and 48 lawful permanent residents on board. The Qatari authorities are coordinating these flights with the Taliban.

Project Dynamo. A chartered plan carrying about 150 people flew from Kabul to an airport in the Middle East. Some British and Canadian passengers got off and headed their way home while over 100 AMCITs, LPRs, and approved SIVs remained overnight in an airport hangar. After security screening and processing by the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security the passengers flew to Chicago on a regularly scheduled flight. The plan from Kabul to the UAE was chartered by Project Dynamo with assistance from Human First Coalition providing ground operations support in Kabul and at the Kabul airport.

Afghan Music Students Fly to Portugal. More than 100 students, alumni, and faculty members of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music have flown out of Kabul and have been granted asylum by Portugual. They were on board a flght carrying 235 people out of the Kabul International Airport going to Qatar. The students were from the Afghanistan National Institute of Music founded in 2010. Under the old Taliban regime of 1996 to 2001 music was forbidden. "More than 100 Afghans from music school flown out of country", The Washington Post, October 4, 2021.

Qatar Airways Flight - October 11, 2021. There were some Americans on board a chartered plane departing Kabul with the destination of Qatar. The Department of State did not provide any numbers for the flight.

Qatar Airways Flight - October 14, 2021. There were no Americans on this flight.

When questioned on recent Qatar Airways flights leaving Kabul, Ned Price (DoS spokesman) doesn't provide a number of AMCITs or LPRs on the Qatar Airways flight on October 11th, nor does he provide an explanation why there were no Americans on the October 14th flight. He reverts to how many DoS has 'facilitated' since August 31st.

 "Most recently, there was a charter flight with Americans on board on October 11th. It was a Qatar Airways charter flight. In total, at least 129 U.S. citizens and 115 lawful permanent residents have departed Afghanistan with our assistance since August 31st. That is to say these departures were facilitated by the United States either with a charter flight or, in some cases, an overland transfer."

Qatar Airways Flight - October 17, 2021. Another QA flight (QTR7277) departed Kabul at 1649D on Sunday bound for Doha.









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