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The State Department has some very stingent rules to be followed for the Afghans that were evacuated from Afghanistan who do not posess a 'Green Card'. Once an Afghan passes through their transit point (Middle East, Germany, Italy, etc.) and arrives at the United States he will be sent to one of eight military installations  to enter into 'iintegration training'. This takes about 30 day and then they enter the US government resettlement system. This then qualifies them for a two-year process in working toward Legal Permanent Resident (LRP) status (Green Card).  If they don't complete the processing and are picked up at the airport by friends or relatives then they may not be able to re-enter the system. This puts them at risk of not qualifying for a Green Card or Asylum. Apparently the Afghans entering the country are not afforded the benefits of those entering through our southern border.



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