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Map of Lithuania Lithuania has been participating in the International Security Force Assistance (ISAF) in Afghanistan for a number of years.

Lithuania Contribution - 2014

Currently there are about 100 Lithuanian troops deployed to Afghanistan (mid-2014) to include a Special Operations Forces Squadron (-), members assigned to an Air Mentoring Team training pilots, and military members deployed to Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan. 1.

History of Lithuania's Afghanistan Contribution

Ghor Provincial Reconstruction Team. The countries largest and most extensive contribution was the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Chaghcharan, Ghor province. The PRT mission ended in August 2013. The PRT was established in 2005 2. with many troop/unit rotations of 150 Soldiers per rotation. Other nations assisted the Lithuanians in the Ghor PRT mission to include Croatia, Denmark, Georgia,Japan, Ukraine, Romania, and the United States. The PRT included a Role 2 medical facility. The PRT assisted in a number of construction and road projects.

Map of Ghor Province Afghanistan
Map of Ghor Province, Afghanistan - Location of Ghor PRT

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Squadron. The Lithuanian Special Forces unit has had members deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 - 2004. From 2007 on to the present (mid-2014) these SOF members have worked in southern Afghanistan.

Air Mentoring Team. This small team of advisors and trainers are working with the Afghan Air Force (AAF) and should continue its mission into the Resolute Support Mission.

Websites with Info on Lithuania in Afghanistan

CIA World Fact Book on Lithuania

Lithuania by WikipediA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian Armed Forces

Lithuanian Armed Forces by WikipediA

Joint HQs of Lithuanian Armed Forces - Afghanistan

Videos about Lithuanians in Afghanistan

Lithuania Defense Forces on YouTube

September 4, 2013. Lithuanians make mark on central Afghanistan. YouTube. A video about the PRT in Ghor province, Afghanistan. NATO video.

News and Magazine Articles and Blog Posts on Lithuania and Afghanistan

April 9, 2020. "Part of Lithuanian Troops Deployed Home from Afghanistan". Due to the coronavirus pandemic training activities had been halted in Afghanistan.

August 20, 2014. "Lithuania continues its commitments to Afghanistan". The Baltic Course.

October 9, 2013. Ambassador's Remarks on Effectiveness of PRTs in Afghanistan, Embassy of the United States in Lithuania. US Ambassador pays tribute to the contributions of the Lithuanian military and its operation of the Ghor province PRT in Afghanistan.

August 27, 2013. Lithuanian Diplomats Paid a Visit to Afghanistan as part of the Delegation led by the Minister of National Defence, Lithuania Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

February 1, 2013. "The mission in Afghanistan remains among Lithuania's top priorities - Defence Minister". The Lithuania Tribune.

June 29, 2009. Lithuanians in Afghanistan. Michael Yon Online Magazine.

February 15, 2005. Lithuania to lead NATO unit in Afghanistan, The Jamestown Foundation. Article provides info on the PRT in Ghor.




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1. For more information on Lithuania's contribution to the Afghanistan mission see Afghanistan, Lithuania Armed Forces (website) at this link.

2. For more on the Lithuania contribution to the Ghor province PRT see PRT: Mission Accomplished, Lithuania Armed Forces at this link.



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