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Map of Romania

Romania has been participating in the International Security Force Assistance (ISAF) and later with Resolute Support in Afghanistan for a number of years. Romania started deploying troops to Afghanistan as part of the international coalition in 2002. By 2019 Romania had deployed oveer 26,000 troops to Afghanistan. Over 26 Romanian soldiers have died and more than 180 injured (as of 2019).

In 2008 Romania deployed a garrison level Operational Mentoring and Liasion Team (OMLT). In 2009 and 2010 the country provided two battalion level OMLT's.

In 2019 Romania had over 750 troops stationed in Afghanistan. After the U.S., UK, Germany, and Italy . . . Romania is the largest contributor to the NATO-led peace keeping mission in Afghanistan. Most of the Romanian troops are active in the Kandahar region with some working at the Resolute Support HQs in Kabul.

The peak of Romania's troop levels was in 2011 when the contingent numbered 1,949 troops. (according to info presented by ISAF).


Info about Romania in Afghanstan

Afghanistan - Resolute Support Mission, Romania's Permanent Delegation to NATO

Papers and Pubs about Romania in Afghanistan

Scarlat, Dumitru, "Romanian Armed Forces Contribution to the Stability in Afghanistan and the Build Up of the Security Environment", Miltary Art and Science, 2015, PDF, 8  pages.

News Articles about Romania in Afghanistan

October 22, 2020. "Two Romanian soldiers wounded in Kandahar IED explosion", Ariana News. A Romanian Ground Defense Area Patrol (GDAP) was struck by a improvised explosive device injuring two Romanian soldiers. The soldiers were traveling in MRAP vehicles during a patrol.

September 5, 2019. "Romanian Soldier Killed in Fresh Taliban Attack in Afghanistan", Balkan Insight.

December 21, 2014. "Romania to Send 450 More Troops to Afghanistan", Radio Free Europe. Romania has committed to add hundreds of troops to its complement in Afghanistan in 2015. The additional troops will be responsible for guarding the Kandahar airport and military base in southern Afghanistan.

Videos about Romania in Afghanistan

June 2, 2018. "Romania: Committed to the future of Afghanistan", Resolute Support. 2 minutes.



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