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The Afghan Democratic Policing Project (ADPP) is being implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) with funding provided by the Government of Netherlands (US$4.5 million).

The purpose of the program is to "expand and complement existing programmes to strengthen the capacity of women police, and improve access to justice for women and children in local communities of seven Afghan provinces". 1. These provinces include Balkh, Kunduz, Bamyan, Baghlan, Ghor, Helmand, and Uruzgan.

Community policing is one of the ten top priorities for the Afghan National Police. It is planned that the community police teams (Police-e-Mardumi) will conduct police-community consultations and school outreach programmes with a gender focus.

There are currently (Jan 2013) about 1,500 women in the ANP. There are plans to increase the force to 5,000 by 2015. Unfortunately, many of the female ANP members are not doing police functions; but are providing various means of logistic and admin support instead.


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1. Much of the information on this page came from "UN in Afghanistan works to build capacity of women police and access to justice for women, children", United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), February 10, 2013. Accessed here.




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