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March 23, 2024, "Afghanistan Revisited - Lessons from a General's Perspective", by Don Bolduc, SOFREP.

September 21, 2016. "How to replace a bad ALP commander: in Shajoy, success and now calamity", Afghanistan Analysts Network. A story of how the citizens of Shajoy district, Zabul province got rid of a bad ALP commander and replaced him with a good ALP commander. Sadly, the good commander was killed by the Taliban.

Bodetti, Austin Michael, The Afghan Local Police: An Expensive Project with Doubtful Results,

August 17, 2016. "Child soldiers matter, but support for a more secure Afghanistan is essential", American Enterprise Institute. Greg Graff argues that the presence of child soldiers within the ALP should not prompt the U.S. to suspend aid to Afghanistan.

October 29, 2015. "In Afghanistan, a strongman rises in battle against a resurgent Taliban", Stars and Stripes. Nabi Gechi, a warlord in Kunduz, is a leader of the ALP.

October 16, 2015. "Afghan Plan to Expand Militia Raises Abuse Concerns". The New York Times.

September 5, 2015. "Afghans Want More Funding for Local Police, But Want More Scrutiny Too", Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

August 31, 2015. "Mobile money pilot program bringing safe, transparent pay to Afghan police". DVIDS. A plan to pay the Afghanf Local Police (ALP) with electronic funds transfer appears to be working out satisfactorily - at least according to RS HQs.

June 29, 2015. "MoU expands safe, accessible payments ot Afghan Local Police". RSM.

June 10, 2015. "U.S.-funded Afghan police prey on those they're paid to protect". Reuters.

July 21, 2014. "U.S. Mentors Prepare to Let Afghan Forces Go It Alone". The New York Times. A Green Beret team in Koh-e-Safi will depart leaving behind a 120 man ALP unit.

May 30, 2014. "The Wrong Afghan Friends". The New York Times. This news article is an example of a reporter who lumps the ALP into all militias; thereby falsely discrediting the MoI's ALP program.

March 24, 2014. "Left Unmoored, Afghan Local Police Pose New Risks". Rural forces set up to thwart Taliban get little support from Kabul. The Wall Street Journal.

October 7, 2013. "The NEW Lawrence of Arabia". The Daily Mail. UK Marine Capt lived with ALP for extended periods of time.

September 17, 2013. "Validation shura in Gelan aims to bridge security gaps". DVIDS. Elders approve of Afghan Local Police in Gelan district, Ghazni province.

September 13, 2013. "Afghan Local Police repel insurgents in Sayadabad". DVIDS.

August 6, 2013. "47 guardians graduate in Parwan". DVIDS.

June 16, 2013. "Building a nation, one village at a time". Tribune Online. Article about ALP and VSO in Charkusa, Afghanistan.

June 13, 2013. "Afghan Police Killed: 6 Officers Found Shot Dead at Checkpoint". Huffington Post. Fellow ALP members suspected in killings.

May 26, 2013. "ALP, CF find and destroy homemade explosives lab". DVIDS. The Afghan Local Police in Baraki Barak, Logar province destroy explosives.

May 26, 2013. "46 new ALP for Kajaki District". DVIDS. Helmand province ALP.

May 23, 2013. "Turncoats: How the Taliban Undermines and Infiltrates the Afghan Local Police". Danger Room. David Axe writes on problems of trust with ALP.

May 21, 2013. "Applying Early Lessons to Build Afghan Security". The New York Times. BG Don Bolduc leaves Afghanistan - hailed as "Godfather of ALP".

May 21, 2013. "Special Forces' mission: Build ties between Afghans". 7th Special Forces Group in Kandahar train up ALP.

May 16, 2013. "Drill sergeants become trainees to prepare for deployment". DVIDS.

May 13, 2013. "Special Operators at Work". Weekly Standard.

April 22, 2013. "The Making of Another 'Uprising': The ALP in Panjwayi". AAN.

April 21, 2013. "Taliban Attack Kills 6 Afghan Police Officers". ABC News. This is rumored to be yet one more insider attack against the Afghan Local Police.

April 16, 2013. "ALP and AUP Engage Enemy in Baraki Barak". DVIDS.

April 15, 2013. "The Afghan Local Police and the U.S. exit strategy: Paying village militias". Foreign Policy Association. article by Jennifer Norris.

March 22, 2013. "Afghan Local Police Members Kills 5 Colleagues".

March 22, 2013. "Wounded, battle-tested recruits complete ALP training". DVIDS.

March 22, 2013. "Warduj district Afghan Local Police graduation". DVIDS.

March 21, 2013. "Afghan Local Police find explosives cache in Muqor district". DVIDS.

March 20, 2013. "U.S., Afghans make deal on Wardak troop pullout". Army Times. SF ODA to be removed from advisory role with ALP in Nerkh district, Wardak province.

March 15, 2013. "Villages show patriotism, fly flags during ALP graduation, village Shura in Belambai vilage", DVIDS. Panjwai district ALP grows in strength.

March 15, 2013. "Tragedy sheds light on successes of Afghan National Security Forces". DVIDS. Ten ALP are killed in Taliban attack in Feb 2013 in Ghazni province.

February 27, 2013. "Villagers show patriotism, fly flags during ALP graduation, village Shura in Belambai". Panjwai district receives ALP unit after training.  DVIDS.

February 24, 2013. "Afghan president orders US Special Forces to leave Wardak province". The Long War Journal. A bad turn of events for SOJTF-A if true.

February 22, 2013. "U.S. Should Back a Robust Afghan National Security Force". The Heritage Foundation. ALP cited as part of the solution; not the problem.

January 18, 2013. "Reinforcing the "local" in Afghan Local Police". Spirit of America.

January 15, 2013. "Afghans want withdrawal of village police trainers". The Washington Post.

December 31, 2012. "Local police an uncertain player in Afghan future". Yahoo! News.

December 20, 2012. "Afghans graduate ALP training course in Farah province". DVIDS.

December 13, 2012. "An uncertain future: Afghan local police development in Kandahar". The Long War Journal.

November 28, 2012. "Afghan Security Returns to the Grassroots". The National Interest.

November 14, 2012. "Afghan National Army encourages Afghan Local Police program during shura". DVIDS. Chak district, Wardak province ALP program grows.

November 8, 2012. "Locals urged to provide support for Afghan Local Police during shura". RC East.

November 7, 2012. "Muquor District officials validate Afghan Local Police". RC East.

October 27, 2012. "Afghan Local Police receives pre-configured clothing and equipment shipments". DVIDS. A descripton of a "push" logistics system to get supplies and equipment to the Afghan Local Police (ALP).

October 25, 2012. "From the AOG to the ALP: When Homegrown Can go Bad".  It's Always Sunny in Kabul Blog.

October 19, 2012. "Taliban commander crosses over to the Afghan Local Police". DVIDS.

October 19, 2012. "Qara Bagh district officials validate Afghan Local Police". DVIDS.

October 12, 2012. "Be afraid: Afghanistan 'exit strategy causing apprehension". War Stories on Fox News by Oliver North.

October 7, 2012. "NATO resumes training of Afghan police recruits". The Washington Times.

September 12, 2012. "French task force advises Afghan local police in Kapisa". RC East.

August 3, 2012.  "Afghan Officials Cite Revenge Killings in Latest Outbreak of Ethnic Hatred".  The New York Times.

August 2, 2012.  "Afghan National Security Forces: Afghan Corruption and the Development of an Effective Fighting Force".  By Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings.

April 5, 2012.  "Attack on Afghan government outpost kills 10".  CBS News.

April 1, 2012.  "Roque Afghan police officer: A Taliban infiltrator's road to fratricide".  The Washington Post.

May 9, 2012.  "The Afghan Local Police - It's Local, So It Must Be Good - Or is it?".  Brookings.

March 30, 2012.  "Militia Member Drugs and Kills Afghan Colleagues". The New York Times.

March 30, 2012.  "Afghan police officer kills 9 comrades as they sleep". The Washington Post.

March 29, 2012.  "Afghan Local Police key to success against Taliban". The Washington Times.

March 28, 2012.  "Afghan Local Police presence expands in eastern province". DVIDS.

March 26, 2012.  "ISAF casualty".  ISAF servicemember shot by ALP member. DVIDS.

March 19, 2012.  "Firefighter's Afghan tour with 7 Rifles".  Get

March 13, 2012.  "Key Local Afghan Police Force Slow to Catch On".  Voice of America. Town of Marzak is in heavily controlled Taliban area.

March 13, 2012.  "Police Mistrust Threatens US-Afghan Alliance in Key Town".  Voice of America.

March 13, 2012.  "The Afghan Endgame".  By Carl Prine, Line of Departure.

March 12, 2012.  "ALP in Gizab district build peace through cooperation".  DVIDS.

March 8, 2102.  "Afghan Officer Sought in Killings of 9 Colleagues". The New York Times.

March 3, 2012.  "Across northern Afghanistan, ALP provide increased security to populace".  DVIDS.

February 22, 2012.  "Afghan Local Police fight off insurgents, recover improvised explosive devices".  DVIDS.

February 16, 2012.  "First Chowkay Afghan Local Police class graduates".  ISAF News Release.

February 10, 2012. "In Helmand, training Afghan Local Police is a challenge". The Washington Post.

February 10, 2012.  "New Hampshire Marine adapts to advisory role, trains Afghan police".  DVIDS.

February 9, 2012.  "Afghan Local Police academy kicks off in Nawa".  DVIDS.

February 1, 2012. "U.S.-Backed Militia Fortifies Afghnistan's 'Heart of Darkness'". Danger Room.

January 13, 2012.  "In Afghanistan, Some Former Taliban Become Police".  NPR.

January 10, 2012.  "Afghan Local Police: An Afghan Solution to an Afghan Problem".  By Donald Rector, Small Wars Journal.

January 8, 2012. "US reliance on Afghan paramilitaries in rural areas worries European allies".  The Guardian.

January 6, 2012.  "Dahana-e-Ghori graduates 90 Afghan Local Police".  ISAF News.

December 29, 2011.  "Ten Afghan policemen killed by roadside bomb".  BBC News.

December 27, 2011.  "ISAF remains committed to MOI lead in security programs".  DVIDS.

December 23, 2011.  "Connecting Islands: ALP brings villages together".  DVIDS.

December 22, 2011.  "Those who don't learn from history".  Afghanistan Analysis Blog.

December 20, 2011.  "Keeping control of bad choices".  By Rachel Reid, The AFPAK Channel, Foreign Policy.

December 19, 2011.  "Local Villagers notify Afghan Local Police of IEDs".  DVIDS.

December 18, 2011.  "Afghan Commandos provide marksmanship training to Gizab's ALP".  DVIDS.

December 16, 2011.  "NATO Admits Afghan Local Police Abuses".  Voice of America.

December 15, 2011.  "American Military Report Finds Abuses by Afghan Local Police Forces". The New York Times.

December 12, 2011.  "U.S. Commander Backs Afghan Militia Program".  The Wall Street Journal.

December 11, 2011. "U.S. admiral endorses expanding number of armed Afghans paid to protect villages". CNN U.S. News.

December 8, 2011.  "Pay team ensures Afghan Local Police stay on job".  Afghan Review.

November 10, 2011.  "In Afghanistan, special units do the dirty work".  USA Today.

November 7, 2011.  "Whose name do you know in Afghanistan? The story of an Afghan hero I met".  U.S Air Force Central.

November 5, 2011.  "Policing Afghanistan: Afghan hero stands tall -- with one leg".  DVIDS.

October 28, 2011.  "Imam Sahib District begins an Afghan Local Police program".  DVIDS.

October 27, 2011. "Afghan Local Police: when the solution becomes the problem". The AFPAK Channel, Foreign Policy.

October 23, 2011. "Special Forces training Afghan police". The Examiner.

October 19, 2011. "Bad Guys vs. Worse Guys in Afghanistan". by Luke Mogelson, The New York Times. Article on Afghan Local Police (ALP).

October 13, 2011.  "In Faryab province, Village Stability Operations shows success".  DVIDS.

October 7, 2011.  "Security from The Bottom Up".  Time.

October 3, 2011.  "New SOCOM boss touts 'indirect' action forces".  Army Times.

September 29, 2011.  "Nawa increases security as course graduates Afghan Local Police".  DVIDS.

September 2011.  "Taking a Stand: Village Stability Operations and the Afghan Local Police".  Lt Col Catanzaro and MAJ Windmueller, Special Warfare Magazine, July-September 2011 edition.

September 2011.  "Village Stability Operations: More than Village Defense".  COL Ty Connett and COL Bob Cassidy, Special Warfare Magazine, July-September 2011 edition.

August 30, 2011.  "Hearts, minds, and revenge: local resistance to the Afghan insurgency".  The Long War Journal.

August 23, 2011.  "Afghan Local Police Promote Security and Prosperity".  NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan.

August 15, 2011.  "As U.S. scales back in Afghanistan, local defense program expands".  Sign On San Diego.

August 4, 2011.  "Afghan led meeting pushes for Afghan Local Police in Nawa".  DVIDS.

August 4, 2011.  "Afghan local police force continues to grow in Nawa".  US Central Command.

August 2, 2011.  "Afghans join local police to ensure safety of Helmand town".  DVIDS.  U.K. Royal Marines and 3 Mercian observe new ALP force in Rahim Kalay, Helmand.

August 2, 2011.  "ALP programme might create a rude Afghan awakening".  Thomas Ruttig, Afghanistan Analysts Network.

August 2, 2011.  "Royal Engineers complete third Afghan local police station".  British Forces News.  59 Command Squadron builds ALP site at Bolan T in Lashkar Gah.

August 1, 2011.  "For a Handful of Dollars: Taleban allowed to join ALP".  Afghanistan Analysts Network.

July 28, 2011.  "A new breed: Marine special operations".  MARSOC conducting VSO in Afghanistan.  Sign On San Diego.

July 1, 2011.  "Afghan Local Police remain key to Coalition strategy".  CJ Radin, "Threat Matrix", The Long War Journal.

June 30, 2011.  "Officials tripling Afghan defense forces".  USA Today.

June 29, 2011.  "Measure lets size of Afghan militias triple".  Marine Corps Times.

June 29, 2011.  "Tough Choices: U.S. Troop Reductions and the Afghan Local Police Program".  Atlantic Council.

June 12, 2011.  "Some Police Recruits Impose 'Islamic Tax' on Afghans". The New York Times.

May 30, 2011.  "JLOC: Sustaining Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan".  DVIDS.

May 18, 2001.  "Taleban Vent Ire on Afghan Local Police".  Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

May 14, 2011.  "NGOs Call for End to Afghan Militia Programs.  Again".  UN Dispatch.

May 12, 2011.  "Afghan Local Police Communicating Goals, Mission to the People".  NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan.

May 10, 2011. "Afghanistan: Halt the militias, warns a new study".  Global Post.

April 3, 2011.  "When the police goes local: more on the Baghlan ALP".  Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN).

March 30, 2011.  "Afghan Checkpoints Draw Insurgent Attacks".  Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

March 26, 2011.  "Afghan Local Police vital to General Petraeus' strategy".  By CD Radin, The Long War Journal.

March 24, 2011.  "6th Time's the Charm? NATO Tries, Again, to Train Afghan Militias". Danger Room.

March 15, 2011.  "Local Police Effort Shows Innovation, Petraeus Says". American Forces Press Service.

March 14, 2011.  "Beating Back the Taliban".  Foreign Policy.

March 11, 2011.  "Soldiers of 20th SFG look back on deployment to Afghanistan".  DVIDS.

March 9, 2011.  "Afghan Police Force Advances".  The Wall Street Journal.

February 25, 2011. "Is U.S. Legitimizing Warlords and Criminals in Afghanistan". AllGov.

February 7, 2011.  "Afghan Local Police Program Complicated by Local Feuds, Rivalies".  Afghanistan Conflict Monitor.

January 20, 2011.  "Afghan government turning to local militias".  Marine Corps Times.

January 4, 2011. "Reintegrated Taliban fighters allowed to join local police units". Stars and Stripes.

December 15, 2010. "Taliban Extend Reach to North, Where Armed Groups Reign". The New York Times.

December 8, 2010. "NMCB 3's DET 4 Strengthens Afghanistan Partnership".

December 7, 2010. "Pakistani anti-Taliban militias offer lessons for U.S. in Afghanistan". The Washington Post.

December 1, 2010. "COIN Leadership Course Students Gain Insight about VSO". NTM-A Blog.

November 23, 2010. "Into Taliban Territory: The Beginnings of the Tarbuz Guzar Militia". Radio Free Europe.

November 19, 2010. "Quick fixes won't aid Afghan civilians". Politico.

November 17, 2010.  "U.S. wants tribesmen to fight Taliban".  Marine Corps Times.

November 7, 2010. "Second Afghan Local Police course graduates in Paktiya". DVIDS.

October 27, 2010. "ANA Special Forces Team incredible". Outside the Wire.

October 27, 2010. "Neighborhood watch gaining foothold in Marjah". Stars and Stripes.

October 24, 2010. "A Comprehensive Approach to Local Engagement in Afghanistan". Furey, Small Wars Journal.

October 19, 2010. "U.S. seeks a larger village police force in Afghanistan". Los Angeles Times.

October 19, 2010. "Enclaves of Optimism". Afghanistan Analysts Network.

October 19, 2010. "Officials aim to establish Afghan local police force by March". Los Angeles Times.

October 18, 2010. "Karzai says he will back locally based forces". Marine Corps Times.

October 18, 2010.  "Another Militia Creation Gone Wrong".  Afghanistan Analysts Network.

October 8, 2010. "Canada considers militarizing Afghan villagers". The Globe and Mail.

September 30, 2010. "The Village Engagement Center". Small Wars Journal.

September 30, 2010.  "Afghan Village Fights to Keep Taliban at Bay".  Radio Free Europe.

August 26, 2010. "Wardak security improves with AP3". CJTF-101.

August 23, 2010. "Afghan police force scrutinized".

August 18, 2010. "Afghan Local Police Initiative Approved for Village Protection". NTM-A CSTC-A.

August 12, 2010. "Afghanistan's 'Militia' Problem: Can Local Defense Forces Replace Private Security Firms". The Jamestown Foundation.

July 28, 2010. "Going Small: The Local Defense Initiative". Fire Dog Lake.

July 28, 2010. "Shura Plots Course for Village Security in Panjwa'i District". ISAF News Release.

July 28, 2010. "Afghanistan Needs Local Politics, not Local Militias". World Politics Review.

July 27, 2010. "Viewpoint: Why Afghans fear village defence forces". BBC.

July 26, 2010. "Local Communities in Afghanistan Can Play Crucial Role in Improving Security". By Seth Jones and Arturo Munoz, RAND Corporation.

July 26, 2010. "After gains in Gizab, Afghan villagers seek local defense in Uruzgan". USASOC News Service.

July 22, 2010. "Community police program a key to Afghanistan security". The Florida Times-Union.

July 22, 2010. "Village Stability Leads to Security Gains and Development in Adirah". ISAF Facebook.

July 21, 2010. "Afghan Village Force: Moving Forward". Hekmat Karzai, East West Institute.

July 21, 2010.  "Fourth Time the Charm for NATO's Afghan Militia Plan?"  World Politics Review.

July 21, 2010. "Program has Afghans as first line of defense".  Sean Naylor, Army Times.

July 21, 2010. "Going old school: U.S. Army Special Forces Return to the Villages". The AFPAK Channel, Foreign Policy.

July 16, 2010. "The U.S. Goes Local in Anti-Taliban Fight". Time.

July 15, 2010. "Afghanistan to get Dad's Army-style defence force". Telegraph.

July 15, 2010. "Afghan President Karzai approves plan for local defense forces". The Washington Post.

July 15, 2010. "Can Local Militias Save Afghanistan?" The Atlantic Wire.

July 15, 2010. "Karzai says he will back locally based forces". Army Times.

July 14, 2010. "Karzai Approves Plan to Keep Taliban Out of Villages". DoD News Release.

July 14, 2010. "Afghans to Form Local Forces to Fight Taliban". The New York Times.

July 14, 2010. "Petraeus Considers Expanding Afghan Village Forces". NPR.

July 12, 2010. "U.S. and Afghanistan Debate More Village Forces". The New York Times.

July 10, 2010. "Gen. Petraeus runs into resistance from Karzai over village defense forces". The Washington Post.

July 10, 2010. "Perspectives: Building a government; Reaching out to Afghan tribal leaders is key to a U.S. victory". Pasadena Star-News.

July 9, 2010. "Developing the Ministry of Interior: Path to Success". NTM-A.

July 6, 2010. "U.S. Battles to Train Local Forces in Afghanistan". PBS.

July 1, 2010. "U.S. Enlists New Afghan Village Forces". The Wall Street Journal.

June 27, 2010. "Local Defence in Afghanistan: A Review of Government-backed Initiatives". Human Security Report Project.

June 24, 2010. "The revolt of the good guys in Gizab". Afghanistan Analysts Network.

June 21, 2010. "U.S. eager to replicate Afghan villager's successful revolt against Taliban". The Washington Post.

June 17, 2010. "U.S. Hopes To Win Afghan Trust, Village by Village". NPR.

June 10, 2010. "New plan to woo Afghan Taliban could harm villages". The Christian Science Monitor.

June 9, 2010. "Special Forces Training Afghan Villagers".

May/June 2010. "It Takes the Villages". Dr. Seth Jones, Foreign Affairs.

May 27, 2010. "Local Defence in Afghanistan: A Review of Government-backed Initiatives". Afghanistan Analyst Network.

May 18, 2010. "A Sunni Awakening: Not So Easy in Afghanistan".

May 2, 2010. "US forces training Afghan villagers to watch for Taliban".

April 27, 2010. "U.S. training Afghan villagers to fight the Taliban". The Washington Post.

March 27, 2010. "Local v. National Control".

March 14, 2010. "Winning the war, 'one tribe at a time'".

March 13, 2010. "Future unclear for widely-praised Afghan militias". Stars and Stripes.

March 12, 2010. "Afghan Public Protection Program success paves the way for development in Jalrez". Embassy of the United States - Afghanistan.

March 11, 2010. "Afghan Tribal Rivalries Bedevil a U.S. Plan". The New York Times.

March 8, 2010. "US keeps secret anti-Taliban militia on a bright leash". Article in the Guardian about the Local Defense Initiative militias.

February 23, 2010. "Locals Complete Afghan Public Protection Program". ISAF News Release.

February 11, 2010. "Tribe and prejudice: America's 'new hope' in Afghanistan". The National Conversation.

January 27, 2010. "Afghan Tribe, Vowing to Fight Taliban, to Get U.S. Aid in Return". The New York Times.

January 22, 2010. "Afghan 'Community Initiative' Reigned In?". The Washington Independent.

January 22, 2010. "U.S. Ambassador puts brakes on plan to utilize Afghan militias against Taliban". The Washington Post.

January 22, 2010. "U.S. Delays Setting Up More Anti-Taliban Militias". The New York Times.

January 17, 2010. "Jim Gant, the Green Beret who could win the war in Afghanistan". The Washington Post.

January 8, 2010. "Exploiting Afghan Tribal Militias for an Optimal Counterinsurgency Campaign". Veterans Today.

December 9, 2009. "What About Those Afghan Militias?" The Washington Independent.

December 1, 2009. "Afghan Human Rights Official Criticizes McChrystal 'Tribes' Initiative". The Washington Independent.

November 23, 2009. "British to train local Afghan militias in new hearts and minds push". Times Online.

November 22, 2009. "As Afghans Resist Taliban, U.S. Spurs Rise of Militias". The Gadsden Times.

November 21, 2009. "Afghan Militias Battle Taliban With Aid of U.S.". The New York Times.

November 21, 2010. "U.S. helping some militias in Afghanistan".

November 13, 2009.  "U.S. to Afghan Militias: Don't Throw Away Your Guns". Danger Room.

November 12, 2009.  "Security plan looks to Afghan villages in fight against Taliban".  USA Today.

November 5, 2009. "Memo to Obama: Listen to Jim Gant or Risk Losing Afghan War". New York Daily News.

November 4, 2009. "Going Tribal in Afghanistan". The New York Times.

October 26, 2009. "One Tribe at a Time". Dave Maxwell, Small Wars Journal.

October 19, 2009. "The 'How' of Tribal Engagement". Steven Pressfield Online.

September 28, 2009. "One Tribe at a Time". By Jim Gant, posted on Steven Pressfield Online.

September 26, 2009. "Living among the Afghans: Special Forces troops move into town, build ties with locals". SF Examiner.

September 13, 2009. "Local Afghan patrols invested in peace". USA Today.

September 2009. "Afghan Village Militia: A People-Centric Strategy to Win". Small Wars Journal.

August 27, 2009. "Tribal guards add little". The Washington Times.

June 3, 2009.  "Finding 'Sons of Afghanistan' Ain't Easy". Danger Room.

June 2, 2009. "U.S. Helps Afghans Assume Control of Local Security".  NPR.

May 21, 2009.  "New Afghan Force Joins Fight Against Taliban".  NPR.

May 14, 2009. "Afghan leaders, U.S. Soldiers initiate new security program to empower local residents".

May 13, 2009. "Afghan Leaders, U.S. Soldiers Initiate Public Protection Program". American Forces Press Service.

March 25, 2009. "The Afghan Public Protection Force pilot program is underway". The Long War Journal.

February 12, 2009. "US, NATO Forces in Advanced Plans to Create Citizen Militias in Afghanistan: Reveals Leaked Email". The Huffington Post.

February 1, 2009. "New Afghan Security Unit to Police Dangerous Areas". VOA News.

January 23, 2009. "Disputes cloud Afghan 'public guards' plan". Los Angeles Times.

January 8, 2009. "Afghans wary of anti-Taliban 'militia' plan". Google News.

January 6, 2009. "Costs of war: No to tribal militias". ISN Security Watch.

January 3, 2009.  "Playing with Fire: Arming the Southern Tribes Against Taliban".  Hazaristan Times.

December 30, 2008.  "US to harness Afghan militias against Taliban". The Guardian.

December 16, 2008. "U.S. Military to Launch Pilot Program to Recruit New Local Afghan Militias". U.S. News and World Report.

December 16, 2008.  "U.S. Will Arm Militias in Afghanistan". Danger Room.

December 16, 2008.  "U.S. Military to Launch Pilot Program to Recruit New Local Afghan Militias".  U.S. News and World Report.

December 11, 2008. "Proceed with Caution on Afghan Tribal Strategy". Council on Foreign Relations.

November 7, 2008. "A Tribal Strategy for Afghanistan". Council on Foreign Relations.

November 6, 2008.  "Petraeus: Afghan tribes could fight militants".  Army Times.

October 10, 2008.  "How Not to Lose Afghanistan (and Pakistan)".  Peter Bergen, New America Foundation.

October 1, 2008.  "McKiernan Not Hot on 'Sons of Afghanistan' Idea".  The Washington Independent.

April 10, 2008.  "NATO Cancels Afghan Cop Program". Danger Room.



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