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Community Defense Initiative (CDI)

(Last update November 2, 2012).

The Community Defense Initiative or CDI was a short-lived CJSOTF-A program to develop community level self-defense forces in rural and remote locations in Afghanistan.  U.S. and Afghan officials agreed to funnel money (foreign aid) to villages that stand up 'neighborhood watch' security forces. Villages that participated in the program were to receive assistance in the form of improved roads, health clinics, and schools.

The emergence of anti-Taliban militias acting on their own to protect their communities has been seen as something to capitalize on.  Afghan and coalition officials identified some of these anti-Taliban militias and provided aid in the form of food, ammunition and money to help them with their fight.  This assistance to the home-grown militias grew into the CDI.

By late 2009 CDI locations had been established across Afghanistan in Herat, Kandahar, Nangahar, Helmand, and Paktia provinces.

The goal of the CDI was to support existing militias that oppose the Taliban and to encourage other communities to do the same. The hope was that CDI would create pockets of resistance to the Taliban.  The Community Defense Initiative met with resistance within the coalition, U.S. State Department, and some Afghan officials. It was strongly supported by former ISAF commander General McChrystal.

CDI was subsequently replaced (or renamed) with the Local Defense Initiative or LDI.  LDI was in turn replaced with (or evolved into) the Afghan Local Police.


News Articles about the Community Defense Initiative (CDI)

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Joe Quinn and Mario A. Fumerton, "Counterinsurgency from Below: The Afghan Local Police in Theoretical and Comparative Perspective", November 2010, page 18.  This paper provides background on many of the local defense initiatives attempted in Afghanistan.  (Adobe Acrobat PDF file accessed on Decmber 29, 2011 at .


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