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Afghan National Army
- Territorial Force (ANA-TF)

The Afghan National Army - Territorial Forces was established in 2018 by President Ghani. The intiative was developed to provide a local defense force to 'hold' ground gained by the Afghan National Army (ANA) and free up to ANA units to conduct offensive operations in areas of Afghanistan contested by the Taliban. The newly established units were intiially referred to as the Afghan Territorial Army.

The ANA-TF is considered by some to be a better replacement local defense force than the Afghan Local Police or ALP. The ALP, under the administration of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), was not subject to meddling by politicians and local warlords and lack adequate supervision and support at the district, provinicial, and national levels.

The ANA-TF is a force that is considered to be better led, organized, trainined, and supported than the Afghan Local Police. Eventually it is anticipated that there will be 121 companies (tolays) of about 120 men located across Afghanistan.










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Books about Afghanistan

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