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Women in the ANA


Videos about Female Soldiers in the ANA

May 7, 2016. The importance of recruitng women into the ANA officer ranks, Resolute Support HQs. The RS gender advisor, Group Captain Dee Gibbon (Australian Air Force), provides info on recruitment efforts in this 2-min long video.


News Reports about Women in the ANA  and MoD

June 19, 2019. "Improving Female Participation in Defense and Security Institutions in Afghanistan", Geopolitical Monitor. Zarifa Sabet examines the obstacles and challenges of women in the ANDSF and provides recommendations to improve the situation for female soldiers and police.

October 5, 2018. "The Many Dangers of Being an Afghan Woman in Uniform", The New York Times at War. Sophia Jones, an Istanbul-based journalist reporting on global issues impacting women, details the progress and challenges of integrating women into the Afghan National Army.

March 24, 2018. "Women of the SMW - Afghan Special Mission Wing", SOF News. A story about the female members of the Afghan SOF aviation unit.

March 23, 2018. "Afghan Women Work to Increase Military Presence", Voice of America. A profile of Afghanistan's only female general officer - Khatol Mohammadzai. She served over 3 decades in the Afghan army, was a commando, and has performed nearly 600 parachute jumps. She is a role model for the 1,700 women in the Afghan National Army. (Article and two minute video).

May 3, 2016. "MoD Aims to Increase Female Intake to 5,000", Tolo News.


Books about Afghanistan

Books about Afghanistan

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