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Atta Mohammad Noor

Atta Mohammad Noor is the long-time governor of Balkh province in northern Afghanistan. For many years it has been considered a relatively safe area of the country free from the security concerns of most of Afghanistan. In addition, it has enjoyed a long period of prosperity as well.

Governor Noor has presided over this security and economic boom with an iron hand. He is a regional strongman that wields great power and influence in Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province, and the greater northern Afghanistan region.

Noor is considered one of the richest men in Afghanistan. Much of that wealth has to do with his concentration in establishing business and commerce in northern Afghanistan. Of course, it is Afghanistan, and a significant portion of his wealth is likely a result of corruption.

Presidential Aspirations. There is little doubt that the power play between President Ghani and Governor Noor is partly a function of Noor's attempt to position himself as a viable candidate for president of Afghanistan. 1.

News Reports on Atta Mohammad Noor

January 7, 2018. "Stand-off over powerful Afghan governor foreshadows bitter election fight", Reuters. The standoff between President Ghani and Governor Noor (his dismissal from the governorship) continues.



1. See Afghanistan Political Showdown Between Ashraf Ghani and Mohammad Atta Noor, by Scott DesMarais and Caitlin Forrest, Institute for the Study of War, February 1, 2018.


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