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Book - "88 Days to Kandahar"


88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary

88 Days to Kandahar:
A CIA Diary

by Robert L. Grenier,
Simon & Schuster
January 27, 2015
464 pages.


The book 88 Days to Kandahar is about the period just following the 9/11 terrorist attacks by al Qaeda. During the fall of 2011 the CIA and U.S. Army Special Forces conducted unconventional warfare in Afghanistan - aiding Afghan resistance groups and toppling the Taliban. This book covers that time period and the events that took place in southern Afghanistan which utlimately helped Hamid Karzai enter Kandahar as a liberator from the Taliban.

The book can be purchased on at the link below:

88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary

Book Reviews of 88 Days to Kandahar

June 12, 2015. "88 Days to Kandahar". The Guardian. A CIA diary by Robert Grenier review - US's Afghan war shambles laid bare. The review states "A CIA station chief's account adds considerable value to the historical record, despite its self-serving tone and defence of US torture practices."

February 11, 2015. "Robert L. Grenier's '88 Days to Kandahar'", The New York Times. Alissa J. Rubin reviews the book - pointing out the positive and negative aspects.

February 6, 2015. "88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary", book review by Todd Plesco of Information Security Pro. Plesco's review is favorable and says it is a "must read not only for the great stories and accounts but also to gain a better grasp of the geo-political challenges faced by the United States in SouthWest and Central Asia."

November 6, 2014. "88 Days to Kandahar". Book review by Kirkus Reviews. "Former CIA officer Grenier delivers an action-packed tale, rich in implication, of the post-9/11 race to unseat the Taliban and rout al-Qaeda in Afghanistan".

Videos and Podcasts about 88 Days to Kandahar

February 5, 2015. "88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary". A podcast featuring the book's author - Robert Grenier - hosted by the Middle east Institute (MEI). (one hour).

More info on "88 Days" and Robert Grenier

Biography of Robert Grenier at Huffington Post

August 10, 2014. "From Truth and Reconcialition to Lies and Obfuscation: The Senate RDI Report", The Huffington Post Politics Blog, by Robert Grenier.


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