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Map of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a country to the north of Afghanistan. It is a former Soviet Union entity that gained its independence with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Russian Military Presence. As of late 2015 the Russians had over 7,000 military personnel in Tajikistan located on three military bases. It also sent some attack helicopters to Tajikistan amid worries of increasing insecurity in northern Afghanistan and growing militancy within Tajikistan.

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News Sources on Tajikistan

Papers about Tajikistan

Crisis Group, Tajikistan Early Warning: Internal Pressures, External Threats, Europe and Central Asia Briefing No 78, January 11, 2016. The economy and political situation inside the country is in decline while pressures along the Afghan border present problems as well to include drug trafficking and the re-emergence of Central Asian jihadist militants in northern Afghanistan.

News Reports about Tajikistan

October 31, 2015. "Tajikistan fears instability as Afghan conflict rages on". BBC News. Russia now has over 7,000 military personnel in Tajikistan as well as attack helicopters. Fears are growing about increased instability in northern Afghanistan.



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Books about Afghanistan

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