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Papers & Publications about Elections in Afghanistan

Johnson, Thomas H., The Myth of Afghan Electoral Democracy: The Irregularities of the 2014 Presidential Election, Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies, January 2019.

Johnson's report can also be viewed and downloaded at:

Bijlert, Martine van and Ali Yawar Adili, Pushing the Parliament to Accept a Decree: Another Election without Reform?, Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), June 10, 2016.

News Reports on Elections in Afghanistan

December 30, 2019. "Afghanistan: Fractious Vote - Analysis", Eurasia Review. S. Binodkumar Singh of the Institute for Conflict Management provides some statistics and analysis of the 2019 presidential election of Afghanistan.

January 23, 2019. "Afghanistan's election conundrum: The countdown to the presidential election has kicked off", Afghanistan Analysts Network.

June 19, 2016. "Many Commissions, But Nothing Commissioned: Electoral Reforms in Abeyance in Afghanistan - Analysis", Eurasia Review.


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