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History of Afghan Conflict:
Battles & Opns 2001-2014

CSI Press, The Battle of Wanat, Combat Action in Afghanistan, 2008. The Staff of the US Army Combat Studies Institute. This iBook is an enhanced version of the well-known study of the battle that took place in Afghanistan in 2008.

Hymel, Kevin M., Strykers in Afghanistan, Combat Studies Institute Press, United States Army Combined Arms Center (CAC)., Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 2014. 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment part of a Stryker brigade to deploy to Afghanistan fights for the Arghandab Valley near Kandahar city in 2009.

Wadle, Ryan D. Ph.D., Hammer Down: The Battle for the Watapur Valley, 2011. Combat Studies Institute Press, 2014. A US Army infantry battalion and allied Afghan security forces entered the Watapur Valley in northeastern Afghanistan to destroy an insurgent training base.

Battle of Marjah - Afghan War News (internal page). In 2010 Coalition and Afghan security forces moved into the district of Marjah to regain control from the Taliban. The battle turned into the biggest fight since 2001.

Neumann, Brian F. and Colin J. Williams, Operation Enduring Freedom, May 3005 - January 2009, U.S. Army Center of Military History, CMH Pub 70-131-1, December 2020, 88 pages.




Books about Afghanistan

Books about Afghanistan

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