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The Taliban is a term used to described insurgent groups in Afghanistan. The Taliban movement originated in 1994 in response to the insecurity caused by the civil war between mujahideen factions after the collapse of the Communist Afghan regime.

Pakistani Taliban. This movement was born in 2007 and is opposed to the Pakistani government. They are sometimes referred to as the "Bad Taliban" as opposed to the "Good Taliban" - which are the insurgent groups opposed to the Afghan government. The "good" and "bad" is from the perspective of the Pakistan government and security forces.

Websites about the Taliban

Quetta Shura by Afghan War News

The Taliban, a CFR InfoGuide Presentation, July 2015. Council on Foreign Relations.!/

Taliban Sources Repository

Videos about the Taliban

March 2015. The Taliban. Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). 10 minute long video.

Reports about the Taliban

March 2020. Taliban Fragmentation: Fact, Fiction, and Future, by Andrew Watkins, Unite States Institute for Peace (USPI), 28-pages. This report finds that the Taliban is a far more cohesive organization than a fragmented one.

News Articles about the Afghan Taliban

March 11, 2020. "The Taliban in Afghanistan", Council on Foreign Relations. A backgrounder by Lindsay Maizland and Zachary Laub. How the Taliban was formed, the response to the Taliban, who leads the Taliban, how strong is the Taliban, finances, and popular support.

December 9, 2015. "The Implications of the Taliban Shootout", The Diplomat. The recent reports of the shooting and wounding of the Taliban leader reveals serious divisions within the Taliban.

December 3, 2015. "A Divided Taliban Explained", by Tamim Hamid, Tolo News.

November 24, 2015. "Toward Fragmentation? Mapping the post-Omar Taleban", by Borhan Osman, Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN).

September 1, 2015. "Good Listener, Neat Dresser -- Taliban Publishes Biography of New Leader", Radio Free Europe. The Taliban published a 5,000-word biography of Mullah Akhtar Mansur, the new leader of the Taliban.


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