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Some people interested in Afghanistan who have never visited most likely have visions of a country torn apart by war and inhabited by people constantly engaged in conflict. However, life goes on in Afghanistan and pictures help us realize that. The photos linked to on this page follow no particular theme, however, and attempt has been made to put these photo collections into some type of category.

Life in Afghanistan

Larson, Elliot, "Afghanistan Before the Wars", Radio  Free Europe. A U.S. doctor and his wife share their 1970-1974 era photos of Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Neff, Thomas Gibbons, "Obama's Legacy", The Washington Post. Neff provides photos from his tour with the Marines in Helmand province, June, 2016.

Sudarsan Raghaven, "This is what the real Afghanistan looks like", The Washington Post. Photos from Khost in eastern Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan You Think You Know, by Mo Scarpelli and Alexandria Bombach, posted on The Daily Beast, March 14, 2015.





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