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Major Crimes Task Force

In 2009 the Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF) of the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) was initially set up by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Within two years the FBI had withdrawn its support because of political interference by the then President Karzai and his corrupt henchmen. Of late (circa 2016) U.S. military officials in Afghanistan have been singing phrases about the MCTF. Whether this renewed optimism is warranted remains to be seen.

Personnel Strength. According to some news reports there are about 130 personnel assigned to the Major Crimes Task Force.  The unit is commanded by an Afghan police general.

News Reports about MCTF

June 4, 2016. "Hard-boiled cops of Afghan major crimes unit up against 'ocean' of lawbreaking", by Antonio Olivo, The Washington Post.





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