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Helmand Province

Location of Helmand Province Afghanistan
Helmand Province of Afghanistan


Map of Districts in Helmand Province Afghanistan
Map of Districts in Helmand Province Afghanistan

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UK in Helmand Province

The United Kingdom moved into Helmand province in 2006. Over several years the UK troops experienced significant combat and suffered casualties in the hundreds. One drivng concern of the British was the opium trade. Eventually the British presence was replaced in part by U.S. Marines.

Replacement of Helmand Governor. There is some controversy about the British interference in the local politics of Helmand province. The governor of Helmand, Mr. Akhundzada - a former mujahideen fighter against the Russians, was governer from 2001 to 2005 until he was dismissed (at the urging of the British). Many of his followers - about 3,000 - joined up with the Taliban. [1]

News Articles about Helmand Province

August 2, 2016. "Camp Bastion: Eerie footage shows abandoned former British base in Afghanistan". The Independent. "The presences of troops acted as a lighting rod for local resistance," says a former British soldier who fought in Afghanistan.

August 1, 2016. "Did the UK leave Afghanistan's Helmand too soon?", BBC News.

April 9, 2016. "Afghan General Plants Flowers in Helmand, but Taliban Lurk", New York Times.

February 27, 2016. "I see my old battalion assigned to Helmand again and I wonder: What is the point?", by Stephen Carlson, The Washington Post. A two-time deployed Soldier with 10th Mountain wonders what one battalion can do that thousands of Marines and Soldiers couldn't do in Helmand province.




1. For more on the dimissal of the Helmand governor read "Afghan governor turned 3,000 men over to Taliban", The Telegraph, November 20, 2009.





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Books about Afghanistan

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