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In late 2009 in a push to advise and assist the Iraqi Army the U.S. Army changed the training and deployment of Army brigades to Iraq. The newly designed modular brigades were restructured and augmented for security force assistance. The brigades heavy equipment were usually left behind in the states and were replaced with armored HMMWVs and heavily armored mine resistant ambush protected vehicles. In addition, the brigade was augmented with additional colonels and majors whose job was to advise senior Iraqi leaders. In Afghanistan the MB-SFA model was partially adapted resulting in the SFABs or Security Force Assistance Brigades.


News Reports about MB-SFA

October 3, 2009. "Where the US Army is going - Into the future", Fort Polk Guardian. Maj Frank Nieto writes about the training of the MB-SFAs that takes place at the Fort Polk training area of the 162 Infantry Brigade.

July 1, 2010. "Our host nations security forces have to be the best", Army Magazine, Association of the United States Army. Major Robert Gully (Special Forces officer) describes the training that deploying combat advisors receive at Fort Polk under the MB-SFA model.




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