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Guardian Angel

The high rate of insider attackers (green-on-blue) against NATO and partner-nation advisors has forced the Coalition nations to adopt unique counter-measures when conducting advising duties with their Afghan counterparts.

One of the measures to mitigate the insider attacker (where an Afghan policeman or soldier) tries to kill an advisor is the use of Guardian Angels. The Guardian Angel is a military member specifically identified (and hopefully trained) to protect advisors during there travel to and from and while at the advising engagement.

Some units offer Guardian Angel training at their home-station before deploying to Afghanistan. Various nations have adopted this training in their pre-deployment training. The U.S. provides this training at Fort Polk and other military training centers for advisors. NATO's Joint Forces Training Center (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland offers Guardian Angel training at its 2-week long advisor training program for officers and NCOs deploying to Afghanistan.

Videos about Guardian Angels

"Guardian Angels in Afghanistan", U.S. Army, January 21, 2019, 2 minutes. "Guardian Angels are Soldiers whose primary focus is to provide internal security to Soldiers during combat operations in Afghanistan. Angels focus on all aspects of security threats as well as exit routes in emergency situations to keep their brothers and sisters safe."

News Articles about Guardian Angels

"Guardian Angel need for advisors in Afghanistan drives call for more troops", by Josh Smith, Reuters, August 17, 2017.






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