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Australian Partnering with Afghan Soldier
Photo by Australian Department of Defence

News Reports about Partnering in Afghanistan

June 2, 2012. "Buidling Bridges by Breaking Bread in Afghanistan", The World Post. News report about the 172nd Infantry Brigade "Blackhawks" working with their Afghan partner unit.

December 10, 2010. "CLB-3's Embedded Partnering Team Increases Operability of Afghan Soldiers", 1st Marine Logistics Group.

October 14, 2010. "Afghanistan: The Problems With Partnering", At War Blog, The New York Times. Article by Wesley Morgan describing the difficulties of U.S. units partnering in combat operations with Afghan army units.

Aprl 27, 2010. "German troops skeptical of "partnering" with Afghan Forces", Deutsche Welle.

April 22, 2010. "Partnering in Afghanistan: New McChrystal Approach Means Greater Danger for German Forces", Spiegel Online International.




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