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1st SFAB

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1st Security Force
Assistance Brigade

1st SFAB News Stories

News Stories about the 1st SFAB

June 24, 2020. "Investigation details fatal insider attack on senior enlisted soldier during Army SFAB's first deployment", Army Times.

May 14, 2020. "Central and South America ops are among upcoming SFAB missions, as advisor force seeks to grow", Army Times. 1st SFAB to pick up missions in South America.

May 7, 2020. "SFABs look to grow force, expand missions around the world", Army News Service.

August 16, 2019. "1st SFAB Trains and Certifies Military Advisors for Worldwide Employment", DVIDS. Soldiers train up for their mission during a two-week Advisor Forge exercise.

May 8, 2018. "Army training brigade prepares for new worldwide deployments", The Washington Post.

December 4, 2018. "1st SFAB returns from Afghanistan", Security Force Assistance Command Public Affairs.

November 29, 2018. "Home in time for the holidays", Guidon. The 509th Clearance Company, 5th Engineer Battalion conducted route clearance operations for the 1st SFAB in Afghanistan.

November 7, 2018. "Afghan-born Soldier returns home to be advisor for new Army unit", Army News Service. A former interpreter for U.S. Army Special Forces in Afghanistan emigrated to the United States, joined the Army, and now is part of the 1st SFAB deployed to Afghanistan.

November 6, 2018. "In Kabul, Army advisors help Afghans tighten security to deter bomb attacks", Members of 5th Battalion, 1st SFAB are advising the ANDSF in providing security for Kabul and the 'Green Zone'.

November 5, 2018. "Advising at the corps and below, Soldiers ensure Afghans are ready to fight",

October 30, 2018. "1st SFAB's physical therapist practices preventive measures to keep unit healthy", Therapist works at FOB Lightning, Afghanistan keeping soldiers in country instead of being medevacd to Landstulh, Germany.

October 25, 2018. "1st SFAB officer, Afghan officer assist at each other's Joint Operations Center", Army Public Affairs.

October 23, 2018."1st SFAB Soldiers produce videos to help train Afghan defense forces",

October 19, 2018. "1st SFAB Soldier carries on family tradition of helping Afghans, others", Grandparents provided medical assistance in Afghanistan.

October 18, 2018. "If We Want Security Force Assistance Missions to Succeed, Give Advisors Control of the Purse Strings", by Bryce Loidolt and Ed Ballanco, Modern War Institute at West Point.

September 24, 2018. "In Afghan-led missions, SFAB Soldiers accompany partners, assist when needed", Defense Media Activity.

September 22, 2018. "In Afghan-led missions, SFAB Soldiers accompany partners, assist when needed", Army News Service.

July - August 2018. "Preparing SFABs for the Complexity of Human Interaction", by Lt. Col. Brent A. Kauffman, U.S. Army, Military Review.

August 29, 2018. "Afghan Forces Need More Mortar Training, Army Advisors Say",

August 18, 2018. "1st SFAB Commander earns 1st Star and Promotion to Brigadier General",

August 17, 2018. "New U.S. training unit in Afghanistan faces old problems", by James Mackenzie, Reuters.

August 16, 2018. "Six Months in Afghanistan: A Progress Report From the 1st SFAB's Inaugural Deployment", by Rick Montcalm, Modern War Institute at West Point.

July 27, 2018. "Afghan 205th Corps Operation Clears Route, Allows Delivery of 200 Tons of Aid", Resolute Support.

July 20, 2018. "Insider Attack in Afghanistan Exposes Risks for Advisers at Center of Trump Strategy", The New York Times.

July 19, 2018. "Afghan Army Captures IED Maker, Prevents Attack on School, Voting Center", Resolute Support.

July 18, 2018. "Afghan Army Corps Integrates Intelligence, Artillery, Aviation with Lethal Effect", Resolute Support.

July 18, 2018. "Afghan-led Planning Conference Teaches Multi-Pillar Planning", Resolute Support.

July 16, 2018. "Afghan Army and Border Force Soldiers Learn to Repair IED-Defeating Robots", Resolute Support.

July 1, 2018. "How a new U.S. brigade is tackling a wave of bombings in Afghanistan's capital". Washington Post. Dan Lamothe reports on Task Force 5 and the 1st SFAB advising the ANDSF in Kabul in an attempt to tamp down the number of bombings in the capital.

June 25, 2018. "Why aren't more soldiers rushing to join the Army's new advisor brigades?", Army Times.

June 22, 2018. "There are some lessons learned from the first security force assistance brigade deployment", Army Times.

June 13, 2018. "Assistance Brigade Adds 'Extensive Tactical Depth' in Afghanistan, Commander Says", Defense Media Activity.

June 13, 2018. "The 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade has been in Afghanistan almost 100 days. This is what they've been up to.", by Meghann Myers, Army Times.

June 13, 2018. "U.S. Department of Defense Press Briefing by Colonel Scott Jackson via Teleconference from Kabul, Afghanistan", Resolute Support.

May 21, 2018. "First Security Force Assistance Brigade Celebrates One-Year Anniversary", Resolute Support.

April 10, 2018. "First cycle of Afghan soldiers graduate under new advisors in Kandahar", Resolute Support.

April 6, 2018. "Beyond SFABS: Getting the Most Out of the Army's Planned Higher-Echelon Advisory Units", Rick Montcalm, Modern War Institute at West Point.

April 1, 2018. "Army hopes new units will help break Afghanistan stalemate", Stars and Stripes. A detailed article describing the mission and training of the 1st SFAB currently deployed to Afghanistan.

March 21, 2018. "Chairman Expresses Enthusiasm About Military Dimension in Afghanistan", Defense Media Activity. General Dunford spent some time with the 1st SFAB in Afghanistan.

March 19, 2018. "SFAB, BCTs work together to fulfill Army's mission, says general", Army News Service, March 19, 2018.

March 18, 2018. "1st SFAB uncases colors, begins partnership with ANDSF across Afghanistan", Resolute Support HQs. The SFAB HQ and its six battalions are spread across the country. The 1st SFAB will take advising to a lower tactical level to expand the advising effort across the ANDSF.

March 17, 2018. "The Army is looking to stand up divisions for its new security force assistance brigades", Army Times.

March 16, 2018. "1st SFAB Enters Theater", 1st Theater Sustainment Command, DVIDS.

March 2, 2018. "On the Security Force Assistance Brigade", Partisan Source.

February 27, 2018. "Soldiers, With Empathy: U.S. Army Creates Dedicated Adviser Brigades", National Public Radio.

February 22, 2018. "First Advise and Assist Brigade Arrives in Afghanistan." Stars and Stripes.

February 22, 2018. "Army fast-tracks new equipment for military advisers deploying to Afghanistan", by Meghann Myers, Army Times.

February 14, 2018. "In Long Afghan War, U.S. Army Tries New Way to Deploy Trainers", Reuters.

February 12, 2018. "Repeating the mistakes of Vietnam today in Afghanistan", by Greg Keeley, The Hill. A military veteran wonders how much of an impact the 1st SFAB will have once deployed.

February 8, 2018. "1st SFAB hosts activation ceremony; Heraldry announced",

February 8, 2018. "1st SFAB holds activation ceremony", DVIDS.

February 8, 2018. "It's official: Army unveils brown beret, new patch for miltary advisors", by Meghann Myers, Army Times.

February 8, 2018. "For U.S. troops in Afghanistan, new questions about where to be in combat", The Washington Post. Marine advisors are now working at kandak level; thus far no casualties. The 1st SFAB will deploy 36 advisor teams this spring; many likely to work at kandak level.

February 8, 2018. "Army's top general tells new Fort Benning unit they are 'marching into history'", Ledger-Enquirer. Gen Milley's remarks at the activation of the 1st SFAB.

February 8, 2018. "For this newly formed Army unit, the stakes in Afghanistan will be high", by Dan Lamothe, The Washington Post.

February 8, 2018. "Afghanistan: Advise and Assist Part 1",

February 8, 2018. "Afghanistan: Advise and Assist Part II",

February 7, 2018. "Combat Medic Looks Forward to First Deployment", DoD News.

February 6, 2018. "An Advise-and-Assist Commander Has Advice for the US Army's New Partner-Trainers", Defense One.

February 2, 2018. "A special Afghan unit could be the Army's test case for its future network", C4ISRNET. The 1st SFAB will deploy with the newest of comms equipment.

January 30, 2018. "Combat medic with 1SFAB enjoys high-operational tempo of unit", DVIDS.

January 26, 2018. "Training Quick and Staffing Unfinished, Army Units Brace for Surging Taliban", The New York Times. Advisor academy training at Fort Benning was cut from six weeks to two weeks.

January 26, 2018. "Newly created 'teaching' brigade prepares to deploy to Afghanistan", FDDs Long War Journal.

January 26, 2018. "The Army's latest weapon to turn around the war in Afghanistan", Politico.

January 25, 2018. "The 1st for the 1st: 1st SFAB wraps up rotation at JRTC prior to deployment", DVIDS.

January 23, 2018. "Soldiers Test New Modular Handgun System at Fort Polk", DoD.

January 23, 2018. "Soldiers from 10th Mountain Division enable the 1st SFAB at JRTC", DVIDS. Over 1,000 Soldiers from 1st BCT, 10th Mountain Division participated in the training event for the 1st SFAB during a January 2018 rotation.

January 23, 2018. "1st SFAB EOD specialists prepare for upcoming deployment at JRTC", DVIDS. An EOD specialist talks about his assignment to the SFAB.

January 22, 2018. "The 1st SFAB's Afghan Deployment is a Moment of Truth for the Global War on Terror", Task & Purpose.

January 21, 2018. "1st SFAB Brigade and battalion leadership and staffs sharpen advising skills at JRTC", DVIDS.

January 20, 2018. "1st SFAB field artillery battalion develops flexibility and adaptability for spring deployment", DVIDS.

January 20, 2018. "1st SFAB logistically advises the ANA", DVIDS. The 1st SFAB is fielding Logistics Advisor Teams (LAT) for their deployment to Afghanistan. These LATs went through training at JRTC in January 2018.

January 19, 2018. "New SFABs Being Built Quickly", Association of the United States Army.

January 19, 2018. "Preparing Our Middle East Partners to Fight Their Own Battles", by David Ignatius, Real Clear Politics. The 1st SFAB is preparing 36 advisor teams for their deployment to Afghanistan.

January 18, 2018. "Planning procedures crucial to promoting ANDSF mission success during mission readiness exercise at JRTC", DVIDS.

January 18, 2018. "1st SFAB combat advisors develop partnered non-commissioned officers during mission readiness exercise at JRTC", DVIDS.

January 17, 2018. "JRTC Ops group creativity and flexibility on display with unique training scenario for 1st SFAB", DVIDS.

January 14, 2018. "1st SFAB Trains to Advise During High-Value Target Training at JRTC". DVIDS.

January 13, 2018. "1st SFAB combat advisor teams build cohesion during situational training at JRTC", DVIDS.

January 11, 2018. "Department of the Army announces upcoming deployment of the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade",

January 9, 2018. "The US Military Needs a Teacher Corps to Train Its Partners", by Elisabeth Braw, Defense One.

January 8, 2018. "New Army 'combat advisors' training at Fort Polk", KALB TV.

January 3, 2018. "1st Security Force Assistance Brigade is headed for Afghanistan", by Paul Taylor, The Irregular Warrior.

December 29, 2017. "New in 2018: 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade heads to Afghanistan", by Meghann Myers, Army Times.

December 21, 2017. "Equipping SFABs: A 'Rubik's Cube' of Logistics", DVIDS. The U.S. Army Sustainment Command (ASC) is assisting in the organizing the logistical operations to stand up the 1st SFAB at Fort Benning, Georgia.

December 14, 2017. "Thales awarded $37m US Army contract for new security force assistance brigades", Defence Web. To be fielded the AN/PRC-148C Improved Multiband Inter-Team Radio.

December 14, 2017. "Bad Idea: Making SOF the Sole Train, Advise, Assist Provider", by Melissa Dalton, Defense 360.

December 9, 2017. "Military Advisor Training Academy - MATA", SOF News.

December 8, 2017. "Getting Inside the 1st SFAB", by Kimball Johnson, NCO Journal.

December 8, 2017. "Army announces activation of second Security Force Assistance Brigade at Fort Bragg", The SFAB will come online in January 2018.

December 7, 2017. "The Army's New Advisory Units Don't Need the Best Officers, They Need the Right Ones", by Rick Montcalm, Modern War Institute.

December 6, 2017, "Harris contracted by Army for radios for security force assistance brigades",

November 27, 2017. "Military Advisor Training Academy prepares 1st SFAB as combat advisors",

November 20, 2017. "Earning it: A complete history of Army berets and who's allowed to wear them", Military Times.

November 18, 2017. "A Governance Advising Framework for the Security Force Assistance Brigade", Small Wars Journal. Three Civil Affairs officers provide recommendations for the SFABs on governance advising.

November 17, 2017. "Letter seeks new Army unit for WSMR, would add 500 soldiers", Albuquerque Journal. New Mexico's congressional delegation have sent a letter requesting one of the Army's new SFABs be based at White Sands Missile Range.

November 10, 2017. "In Break From Obama, Trump Embedding More U.S. Forces With Afghan Combat Units", Foreign Policy.

November 9, 2017. "Combat Service Support Soldiers take pride in building the 1st SFAB", DVIDS. A 92Y Unit Supply NCO talks about her important job with the SFAB.

November 9, 2017. "Security Force Assistance Brigade: XVIII Airborne Corps seeks tactical leaders", Fort Campbell Courier.

November 9, 2017. "1st SFAB develops combat readiness with first-ever Live Fire Training", by SSG Vincent Byrd, 50th Public Affairs Detachment, DVIDS.

November 8, 2017. "Eyes in the Sky with 1st SFAB", by Sgt. Arjenis Nunez, DVIDS, November 8, 2017. The 1st SFAB has established an internal Master UAS course that provides instruction on the RQ-11B Raven and Puma.

November 8, 2017. "Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics Become Combat Advisors with 1st SFAB", by PFC Zoe Garbarino, 50th Public Affairs Detachment, DVIDS.

November 7, 2017. "Communication is Key to the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade", by SGT Joseph Truckley, 50th Public Affairs Detachment, DVIDS.

November 7, 2017. "Combat and cultural readiness key for new Army trainers", San Francisco Chronicle. The Army's new training brigade is looking beyond traditional best practices to see if soldiers meet the cultural and personality criteria to train local forces in different cultures.

November 7, 2017. "Outside the Wire: Intel Analysts in Army's 1st SFAB get career-building opportunity", DVIDS.

November 6, 2017. "FISTers in Army's 1st SFAB encourage 13Fs to volunteer". DVIDS. Once mannng requirements are met, the intent is to have one fire support Soldier per CAT (Combat Advisor Team).

November 6, 2017. "Combat Advising Never Gets Old for this 1st SFAB Infantryman", by PFC Zoe Garbarino, 50th Public Affairs Detachment, DVIDS.

November 6, 2017. "Army's 1st SFAB demonstrates readiness, experience with first combined field training exercise".

November 4, 2017. "Commentary: Military advisers have a place, but the colored beret is a cheap attempt at legitimacy", Army Times. Scott Neil, former Green Beret, weighs in on the 'beret flap'.

November 3, 2017. "1st SFAB Assesses Candidates", by SGT Arjenis Nunez,

November 2, 2017. "1st SFAB promotes first Soldiers to sergeant under new policy", Three soldiers who graduated from the Military Advisory Training Academy (MATA) are the Army's first soldier's to be promoted to sergeant under the Army's new SFAB automatic promotion policy.

November 2, 2017. "Army Chief: Advise-and-Assist Units to Wear Brown, Not Green, Berets", General Milley will pick the shade of brown that the SFAB soldiers will wear.

November 2, 2017. "Face of Defense: Soldier Finds Unique Experiences in New Army Brigade", Department of Defense. A small arms artillery repairman is pleased to be with the 1st SFAB.

November 1, 2017. "1st SFAB Soldiers Enact Advising Mission in Training Environment", TRADOC News Center. Soldiers put their advisor team skills in action during a culminating event entailing military operations on urban terrain.

October 31, 2017. "1st SFAB Sends first-ever team to Best Medic Competition", DVIDS. Two combat medics from the unit will compete at Fort Sam Houston, Texas in early November.

October 31,2017. "Making the Team Better: 1st SFAB builds readiness with integral medical training", Soldiers from the 815th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 1st SFAB went through a series of scenario training events that included medical tasks and casualty evacuation.

October 30, 2017. "Explosives Training Helps 1st SFAB Soldiers Focus on Unit's Mission", TRADOC News Center.

October 29, 2017. "Beret for Soldiers of 1st SFAB - Concern in SF Community", SOF News.

October 27, 2017. "Army's 1st SFAB builds bonds during first FTX". DVIDS. The 1st SFAB conducted its first field training exercise from October 16-27, 2017. The focus was on training up the 12-man teams to operate in the most austere of environments or on FOBs.

October 26,2017. "DLA, Army Partner to Equip 1st of Six Security Force Assistance Brigades", Executive Gov.

October 25, 2017. "SFA Paper - "Building Armies, Building Nations" (RAND, Oct 2017)", SOF News. A 253-page paper provides a history of advisory efforts over the past decades and offers recommendations for future SFA programs.

October 25, 2017. "1st SFAB Soldiers enact advising mission in training environment", 50th Public Affairs Detachment. Elements of the 1st SFAB conducted training at the MOUT site located at Lee Field, Fort Benning, Ga.

October 23, 2017. "XVIII ABN Commander visits Army's first SFAB", 50th Public Affairs Detachment - DVIDS. LTG Townsend paid a visit to the 1st SFAB.

October 20, 2017. "Proof of Concept: Big Questions The Army's New Foreign Advisory Units Must Address", by Rick Montcalm, Modern War Institute.

October 16, 2017. "1st Security Force Assistance Brigade Soldiers Conduct Tactical Convoy Training", DVIDS. Soldiers from the 92nd Brigade Support Battalion of the 1st SFAB trained on the fundamentals of convoys in tactical situations.

October 16, 2017. "First security force assistance brigade training for deployment", The fielding of the SFABs has been accelerated to allow traditional brigade combat teams to focus on readiness for warfighting against near-peer threats.

October 16, 2018. "1st SFAB Soldiers trained on UAS as force protection asset", 50th Public Affairs Detachment - DVIDS. 15-day course on RQ-11B and RQ-20 Puma UAS.

October 13, 2017. "Fourth Time a Charm? The Army's Chance to Get Advisory Operations Right", by Rick Montcalm, Modern War Institute at West Point.

October 13, 2017. "Junior NCO finds unique experiences in Army's new SFAB", 50th Public Affairs Detachment - DVIDS. Soldier has the opportunity to train on a number of foreign weapons.

October 11, 2017. "Army offers automatic promotions to Security Force Assistance Brigade volunteers", Army Times. To attact volunteeers the Army suspends the need for professional military education.

October 10, 2017. "All Things SFAB - Explainer of Security Force Assistance Brigades", SOF News. This article provides a brief synopsis of a presentation given at the Association of the United States Army annual conference about the Army's SFABs.

September 26, 2017. "Task Force 1-28 Conducts Dismounted Live-Fire Training", TRADOC News Center.

September 20, 2017. "FORSCOM General Visits 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade", Benning News. General Abrams says the SFAB units are the number one effort for the U.S. Army.

September 16, 2017. "Security Force Assistance Brigades: It's About Time", Small Wars Journal. Article by Morgan Smiley, a retired US Army officer currently working in Saudi Arabia.

September 5, 2017. "Will the Army's New Advisory Brigades Get Manning and Intel Right?", by Noah B. Cooper, War on the Rocks.

August 11, 2017. "Security Force Assistance Brigades: The US Army Embraces Antifragility", by Nathan A. Jennings, Small Wars Journal.

August 10, 2017. "Security Force Assistance Brigades: US Creates New Foreign Policy Tool", by Adrei Akulov, Strategic Culture Foundation.

June 21, 2017. "SOF and the Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs)", SOF News. The Army expects there to be close coordination between Special Forces and the SFABs.

June 19, 2017. "A New Breed of Advisory Team: Security Force Assistance Brigades to Collaborate with Special Operations Forces", by MG James B. Linder, MG Eric J. Wesley, and CPT Elliot S. Grant, Association of the United States Army.

June 9, 2017. "A Chance to write history: SFAB provides a groundbreaking opportunity for proven leaders",

May 30, 2017. "Army Ramps Up Effort to Recuit 'Best of the Best' to New Deployable Training Brigades",  Task and Purpose. Brigades to be manned by officers and senior NCOs.

May 28, 2017. "Interested in joining the Army's newest brigade? Here's what you can expect." Army Times. The 500-man skeleton brigade will have a lot of "NCOs without Joes". $5K bonus and choice of follow-on assignment are incentived to volunteer for an SFAB.

May 18, 2017. "Security force assistance brigades to free brigade combat teams from advise, assist mission", The new SFABs mean regular BCTs will no longer need to conduct the advise and assist missions.

May 11, 2017. "Washington's SFABs Will Teach the Art of War to Foreign Armies", New Eastern Outlook.

May 4, 2017. "Army OKs $5K bonus to woo troops into a new training brigade", Army Times. The bonus is targeted to mid-grade NCOs. Of the 529 soldiers in the brigade, 360 will be officers who won't qualify for the bonus.

April 21, 2017. "Army looking for experienced soldiers who want to help train foreign forces", Army Times. The Army has been hand-selecting experienced soldiers to attend the newly stood-up, six-week long military advisor training academy.

March 3, 2017. "A Green Beret's Ode to Big Army's New Security Force Assistance Brigades", War on the Rocks. COL James E. Hayes III, a career Special Forces ofifcer, says the SFABs are an idea whose time has come.

February 23, 2017. "Replaced? Security Force Assistance Brigades vs. Special Forces", War on the Rocks. Tim Ball, a Special Forces officer, worries that SF will lose its edge in the world of military advising. He concludes with "Special Forces should consider this carefully - it might not be long before members of the security force assistance brigade are picking out the color for a newly authorized beret, and establishing their own legacy as elite advisors who live and die with their partner forces in the darkest corners of the world."

February 17, 2017. "New Academy Will Train Security Force Assistance Brigades", TRADOC News Center. The six week course will soon kick off for officers and NCOs.

February 17, 2017. "Security Force Assistance Brigade", U.S. Army Stand-To!. A fact sheet on the new SFABs.

February 16, 2017. "Army creates Security Force Assistance Brigade and Military Advisor Training Academy at Fort Benning", U.S. Army Public Affairs, The U.S. Army announced that a new type of organization designed to focus on security force assistance and an academy that will train soldiers assigned to these specialized units have been created.

June 29, 2016. "Advisory brigades to be established by U.S. Army", SOFREP. In this article, a career SF Soldier endorses the rationale for the formation of SFABs.

January 14, 2016. "Learning From Our Mistakes in Selection and Training of Miltary Advisors", SOFREP. The U.S. Army is taking steps to professionalize its advisor capability.



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