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Train, Advise, and Assist
Command (TAAC)

In the 2014 timeframe, as a result of the continued drawdown of U.S. and other Coalition nations, the organizational structure of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was changed. The Regional Commands or RCs were replaced by Train, Advise, and Assist Commands or TAACs that continued the Security Force Assistance mission in Afghanistan.

The TAACs are each led by a "framework nation" that include the United States, Germany, Italy, and Turkey. The regional TAACs are responsible for coordinating support and capabilities within its respective command region. In addition to covering the ANA corps the TAACs also cover the regional Afghan Uniform Police (AUP) and Afghan Border Police (ABP) headquarters. The TAACs serve as a principal connection for the coalition members between the ministries and fielded forces. They continue to play a central role in the coalition's ability to assess the effectiveness of the various ministries in supporting the ANDSF. In addition, because of the continued capability gaps of the ANDSF, the TAACs are a conduit where U.S. forces continue to provide limited enabler support to include close air support, fires, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, as well as medical evacuation (MEDEVAC).

TAAC-North. Regional Command North (RC North) advising 209th ANA Corps became TAAC-North and is led by Germany. Many other European nations contribute advisors and forces to TAAC North.

TAAC-East. Regional Command East (RC East) advising 201st and 203rd ANA Corps became TAAC-East (although it was based at the 201st Corps headquarters leaving 203rd uncovered except for periodic trips to that location). This TAAC is led by the United States. Poland continues to contribute advisors to TAAC East.

TAAC-South. Regional Command South (RC South) advising the 205th ANA Corps became TAAC-South and is led by the United States. There were many other contributing nations in RC South to include Canada, Australia, and others.

TAAC-West. Regional Command West (RC West) advising the 207th ANA Corps became TAAC-West and is led by Italy.

TAAC-Capital. Regional Command Capital is now TAAC Capital or (TAAC-C). Turkish forces lead the Train, Advise, and Assist effort in Kabul province (except the district of Sarobi). The various units advised by TAAC-C include the ANA 111th Capital Division, ANP Provinical Headquarters, ABP headquarters, and Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP). In addition TACC-C also works with the Kabul City Police.

TAAC Air. The air advisor organization advising the Afghan Air Force (AAF) became known as TAAC-Air and was based at Kabul International Airport (military side) and Shindand Air Field.

Other Advisor Platforms.

When the regional commands were done away with the 203rd and 215th ANA Corps lost its full-time, co-located advisory platforms. These full-time advisors were replaced by Advise and Assist Cells (ACCs) that operated out of Kabul and traveled periodically to the corps hqs in Gardez and Helmand provinces. These ACCs were then replaced with full-time task forces, once again co-located in the respective corps regions.

Task Force Southwest. Regional Command Southwest (RC SW) was disestablished and the 215th Corps in Helmand province received periodic visits from TAAC South and advisors from Kabul. RC SW was formerly led by the U.S. Marines and augmented by many other coalition nations such as Denmark, United Kingdom, and others. In early 2016 an advisory element commanded by a one-star general officer of the U.S. Army was dispatched to the 215th Corps to stem the losses suffered by the ANDSF in Helmand province. In time, this Army advisory platform was replaced in 2017 by the U.S. Marines Task Force Southwest.

Task Force Southeast. When Regional Command East was reduced to TAAC level it only covered the 201st ANA Corps area. The 203rd ANA Corps located at Gardez lost its full-time advisory platform. In its place a 'fly to advise' advisor team would periodically visit Gardez to conduct its 'train, advise, and assist' mission. This in turn, was replaced with a full-time advisory platform located at Gardez called Task Force Southeast.



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