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Taliban Offensive of 2021

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The Taliban offensive of 2021 was a very successful effort by the insurgents to continue their control of districts in the rural areas and eventually take provincial capitals until they eventually captured Kabul.

The success of the Taliban caught many by surprise - as well as the rapid collapse of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). Although the common belief was that northern Afghanistan would hold out - due to the ethnic composition of the population - it fell as quickly as provinces in the west and south.

News Articles and Reports about
Taliban Offensive of 2021

December 10, 2021. "Inside the Fall of Kabul", The New York Times.

September 2, 2021. "How the Taliban Exploited Afghanistan's Human Geography", by Alec Worsnop, War on the Rocks.

August 28, 2021. "Surprise, panic and fateful choices: The day America lost its longest war", The Washington Post.

August 18, 2021. "CIA's Former Counterterrorism Chief for the Region: Afghanistan, Not An Intelligence Failure - Something Much Worse", by Douglas London, Just Security.

August 16, 2021. "Intelligence Failure of the Highest Order - How Afghanistan fell to the Taliban so quickly", CNBC.

August 16, 2021. "Kabul's collapse followed string of intel failures, defense officials say", by Laura Seligman, Politico. Officials overestimated the capability and will of the Afghan security forces to fight back as the Taliban seized city after city in recent days.

August 15, 2021. "Intelligence Reports From Afghanistan Missed One Key Element: Speed", The Wall Street Journal. U.S. officials are conflicted over whether intelligence failures may have contributed to the swift Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

August 15, 2021. "Afghanistan's collapse: Did US intelligence get it wrong?", by James Gordon Meek, ABC News. American intelligence sources say they correctly predicted the fall of Kabul.

August 15, 2021. "Don't ignore the CIA's intelligence failure on Afghanistan", by Michael Rubin,

August 13, 2021. "Kandhar's fall signals the stark American failure in Afghanistan", by Rajiv Jayaram, Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

July 26, 2021. "ANDSF kill over 1,500 militants during previous week: General Shinwarai", Kharma Press. The spokesperson for the ANDSF said that in 154 military operations in 20 provinces the security forces had the Taliban on the defensive.



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