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Afghan Refugees

There are many Afghans now located around the world. Commonly referred to as 'refugees', they have left Afghanistan in hopes of finding a more secure environment with a future of prosperity. Many have gone to Europe - whether arriving with a valid passport or as illegal migrants.

Websites with Info on Afghan Refugees and Migrants

Blog Posts on Afghan Refugees - by Afghan War News

Reports on Afghan Refugees and Migrants

OXFAM, Returning to Fragility: Exploring the Link between conflict and returnees in Afghanistan, January 31, 2018.

Norwegian Refugee Council, Escaping War: Where to Next? The Challenges of IDP Protection in Afghanistan, January 24, 2018.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Afghanistan, Return of Undocumented Afghans from Pakistan and Iran - 2016 Overview, March 2017.

AAN, "We Knew They Had No Future in Kabul: Why and How Afghan Families Decide to Leave", Afghanistan Analysts Network, April 27, 2016. A study be AAN and FES explores the reasons behind Afghanistan's increased migration, by focusing on the discussions and decisions at the household level.

Ruttig, Thomas. An "Afghan Exodus": Facts, figures, trends, Afghansitan Analysts Network (AAN), November 14, 2015. "The on-going 'exodus' of Afghans - now the second largest group entering the EU - has contributed to the increasing refugee numbers across Europe".

News Reports on Afghan Refugees

July 28, 2017. "The Rise and Challenges of Afghan IDPs Beyond the Launch of IDP Policy". Eurasia Review.

May 3, 2017. Uncertainty Drives Afghan Migrants to the West, by Sayed Masood Sadat, The Asia Foundation. This article examines the reasons for the significant rise in Afghans seeking refuge in Europe in 2015 and 2016.

November 10, 2016. "Doors Slam Shut for Afghan Refugees", The New York Times.

May 3, 2016. "German ambassador: Many Afghan returnees are disappointed", Deutsche Welle. Immigrants and refugees who flee to Germany find that 'salesmen' in Afghanistan sold them false expectations.

April 9, 2016. "Out of work, Afghan policeman finds a new job: Human smuggler", by Shashank Bengali, The Los Angeles Times.

March 6, 2016. "Afghans feel forgotten in Europe's migrant crisis", Reuters.

March 2, 2016. "Rolling Up the Welcome Mat: Berlin Moves to Curb Afghan Refugee Influx", Spiegel Onine International.

February 25, 2016. "Disillusionment driving Afghan asylum seekers back home", Deutsche Welle. "A special plane from Germany carrying rejected Afghan asylum seekers has landed in Kabul. What prospects do these people have now in their home country?".

November 23, 2015. "Afghan Leaders Try to Halt Exodus, but Pleas Ring Hollow", by Mujib Mashal, The New York Times.

November 18, 2015. "Culture Shock in the Promised Land of Germany", The New York Times. Imagine being an Afghan refugee and landing in a place for the first time where pork is the national dish, a women heads up the government, it is forbidden to talk bad about Jews, and beer is abundent.


Books about Afghanistan

Books about Afghanistan

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