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Ghost Soldiers & Policemen

The targeted strength of the Afghan National Army (ANA) is 195,000 troops. According to the ANA's strength reports it is at 175,000 - short 20,000. However, what is on the books does not reflect reality. A more accurate figure may be closer to 100,000. Some soldiers who have finished their contract, deserted or have been killed are still carried on the rolls - and their commanders are pocketing their salaries.

News Reports about Ghost Soldiers and Policemen

May 17, 2016. "Afghanistan's 'ghost soldiers': thousands enlisted to fight Taliban don't exist", The Guardian. An investigation found that 40% of the troops in Helmand province are fake names or dead soldiers not dropped from the rolls. The commanders of the units are pocketing the salaries of these 'ghost soldiers'.

February 16,2016. "Pentagon scrambles to account for Afghan 'ghost' troops", Military Times.



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