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Every conflict sees its share of human rights violations. Even post-conflict societies experience human rights violations. Afghanistan is no exception - and having experienced more than 30 years of conflict - the country has seen many human rights violations over that time.

Papers and Pubs about Human Rights in Afghanistan
(listed in chronological order)

HRW, Today We Shall All Die: Afghanistan's Strongmen and the Legacy of Impunity, Human Rights Watch, March 3, 2015. This report profiles eight warlords of Afghanistan accused of human rights violations who still have connections with or are currently in Afghanistan's government or security forces.

New Reports about Human Rights in Afghanistan

March 10, 2015. "Nation Building is Dirty Business". By Matthew Dearing - Foreign Policy. The author questions the applicability of the Leahy Law in Afghanistan.

March 3, 2015. Afghanistan: Abusive Strongmen Escape Justice, Human Rights Watch (HRW). This news release introduces a report by HRW on human rights abuses in Afghanistan and profiles eight Afghan warlords.



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